Naturals a delite for ice cream lovers

Natural’s Ice cream is the treat to our taste buds!

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Nowadays, people are becoming conscious about their health and prefer to have natural things. Today, I will tell you the secret from where you can buy natural flavored ice creams. So…..the name of the brand is NATURAL ICE CREAM. The name of the brand is quite evident in its features. Their tagline shows their originality, which is “TASTE THE ORIGINAL”.

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There is nothing as yummy as loving as soulful as Ice- Creams. Numerous ice creams have different themes and ways to serve with a hint of creativity. But what makes Natural’s Ice cream so popular? Because of the awesomely insane flavors which are decent, natural, and unique. Naturals was established in the year of 1984. These ice creams are in a fruit-like taste that they imbibe in their flavors. They won the TIMES FOOD AWARDS in 2007 for serving the best and natural flavored ice creams to the people. Every season they launch new flavors and have their signature flavors, which are available throughout the year. The ice cream is made up of only 3 ingredients- fresh Fruits, milk, and sugar. They don’t add any preservation, chemicals, artificial flavors, food color, and stabilizers. Naturals is the best brand for children who refrain from eating fruits. Because they get the benefit of fruit on the pretext of ice cream. They don’t pump any air into the ice creams, that’s why their ice creams are heavier. The brand is very particular with buffalo milk because they control the temperature to ensure the freshness of ice cream. They have traditional flavors as well as amazing unique Indian tastes.


I’m in love with the ice creams of Natural’s because they are so synonymous with the taste of the fruits that they make us feel, that we are having the raw fruit. Ice creams are so moist and creamy and this is a place I like to visit every time and anytime. I like when they bring up fresh new flavors in their bucket to surprise us. Every time I got confused that which flavors should I pick. But Naturals lets you try their flavors through wooden spoons in small quantities, if you can’t select your flavor or want to try a different flavor. Their staff never gets miffed rather offer you to taste more and more of their best flavors. Coffee walnut, coconut tender, anjeer! Oh my God…these flavors are killer.
Delivers in different size variants- mini pack, family pack, scoop. The price for the ice cream per scoop is almost INR 70 while the shakes are charged about INR 150 per glass and it’s absolutely worth it. If you want your ice cream scoop should be in a waffle cone, they can serve your ice cream in the waffle cone but you have to pay INR 10 for the cone. The cone is very crisp and fresh.

However, they started with just 12 flavors and now they have so many. Their popular flavors are roasted almond, Chocobite, Watermelon, Choco Almond, Coffee Walnut, Anjeer, Tender Coconut etc.
They have very innovative flavors like gajar ka halwa, cucumber, thandai, tilgul laddu, cheery berry, anjeer etc. The flavors are absolutely mouth-watering, rocking, and unbelievably yummilicious.

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A place is also known for its ambiance and vibes. Their ambiance is simple and subtle with ample seating. The service is very fast. The staff members were very polite. However, Since, we are lately experiencing a never seen before pandemic sparked by a coronavirus. So, they have closed their seatings for the people and allow only takeaways.

If you crave the best and delicious ice cream, then it is the right choice for an ice cream treat. I totally recommend you this ice cream parlor and their huge range of flavors. They are also available on Zomato and swiggy. So you can order your favorites at your place and satiate your ice cream cravings.

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I would be proposing the most delectable recipes that will be simpler and quicker. Also, I’ll be offering suggestions for the best places to try based on my personal experience.

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