How To Prepare For A UPSC Interview

You should have a sound grasp of the topics which are being covered in the book and know it well before appearing for this phase. The interview is stand for the “Internal view” of candidates which defines the value system, approach, and attitude. Introduce yourself, the first couple of sentences should have your full name, education, interest, and work experience, Be relevant, and concise, and don’t try to repeat your information.

The most important aspect is to ensure that you have an ample amount of time to prepare for the UPSC interview. The best way to do so is by attending classes regularly and practicing exercises with colleagues or friends who share similar interests. If possible, try to write down your own answers to questions from various topics in the book that you may come across during the interview. This will help you prepare for any type of question that may arise during the process.

Another important aspect would be to avoid cramming up before appearing for the interview. This will only result in poor performance and may even lead to confusion during your interview session itself! It is advisable not to read ahead too much or spend too much time on preparing for the UPSC interview as it may affect your performance later on!

The interview is an important part of your preparation. In this phase, you will be asked many questions based on the core subjects of your preparation. You should have a sound grasp of the topics which are being covered in the book and know it well before appearing for this phase.

In order to get a good rank in UPSC, you need to prepare for the UPSC  Interview quite well.

Here are some tips for preparing for the UPSC Interview:

  1. First and foremost, you need to know what questions can be asked from your book and how they will be asked. This will help you prepare for any questions that may come up during the interview.
  2. You need to practice all those questions that may come up during the interview so that you can answer them easily and confidently. You can ask friends or family members to help you with this task if they are willing to learn about your preparation topic as well as help you with mock interviews based on their experience in similar situations (like me).
  3. Before appearing for an interview, make sure that there is enough time allotted by UPSC so that they do not have any other important tasks on hand which might prevent them from interviewing candidates on time or rescheduling.
  4. Analysis of the mock interview’s questions discussion, be strong with your current affairs by reading the newspaper.
  5. Create Your Positive attitude, and ignore rumors. Having a positive attitude can help your performance better in front of board members.
  6. Strong your Optional Subject, Do not tell Lie. Proper revision of your subjects especially focuses on your optional subject.
  7. Well dressed, Perform Good Manner- We can say that “First Impression is the last impression” so wear a proper dress coat suit or formal clothes. Dress in a manner that is professionally appropriate to the administrative service.
  8. Ensure you have all your documents. Before going for the interview ensure that you have all your required documents.
  9. Straight forward to the point, don’t try to astray board members say sorry for the question answer you don’t know about it.
  10. Good Communication Skills- Make sure you have an excellent command of your spoken language. Your body language also plays an important role in your interview, do with your positive intent.

How To Prepare Your Detailed Application Form (DAF)

The first question in every student’s mind is how to study for an interview, so prepare your DAF in deeply.

Make your expected questions list:- Mostly expected like, prepare the questions from your hobby, your name real meaning.

Analysis of the summary of your DAF, almost 70% part of your part you can analyze with your DAF.

Attention to all the points carefully follows during the time of the interview. Analysis of all the things and be in your mind at the time of the interview. Hope all the points will be helpful for the candidates who have been qualified for their mains examination and preparing for the interview.


What you must remember is that in this phase, the competition is very high and you need to do your best to secure a seat in the IAS exam. Your answer should be precise and direct, something which shows that you are aware of all the topics that are covered in the UPSC preparation books and you can also discuss them with your IAS Coaching institutes. If you keep practicing hard and maintain a positive attitude, then there is no reason for you to not make it through the UPSC Interview phase! So just try to be yourself and express your genuine opinions

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