Wood Flower Arrangements for a Perfect Wedding

A wedding is all just joy and flowers. There are flowers in the bride’s bouquet, flowers in the arches, wood flower arrangements on the guests’ tables, and flowers everywhere in the hall/garden. Flower arrangements and other flowers bring color and charm to the event. If you call on a floral designer, you don’t have to take care of them, for not even a single piece of leather fern. No matter the variety of flowers you choose, be sure they will change for the best of the entire location. However, if you still need to and are taking care of your wedding decoration yourself, this article will significantly help you.

Wood Flower Arrangements Suitable for a Wedding Decoration

Wedding flowers do not necessarily fit into patterns. Not even in superstitions and customs left over from our grandparents. The choices can be the most unusual, and the results the most unexpected. Wood flower arrangements at the wedding? Why not? Everybody loves them, and they look great. Flowers, through every form, bring beauty where it is missing. Wedding floral arrangements completely change the appearance of the space initially placed in a large event hall or an open garden. And they make it suitable for hosting a wedding or any other type of event.

Add Some Leather Fern Everywhere in Your Decoration

The flowers can be seen and felt. Those with a pleasant, present smell will be the joy of the eyes and the senses. But, to be felt and seen, there must be as many flowers as possible; among them, even a thread of leather fern that can change its aspect everywhere it is placed. The current trends in wedding decoration are more and about. There are many flowers on the tables, flowers on the arches, flowers on the floor, flowers on the gate, and on the path where the guests enter and walk.

There are also flowers in the bride’s bouquet. And no, there will never be too many at a wedding. The ceremony place can also be decorated with wood flower arrangements or the same flowers in the bride’s bouquet and in the hall/garden. There are flowers on the chairs and next to the chairs, flowers on the gate, and flowers in the aisle. There is continuity in the whole setting. In general, brides choose flowers for the wedding, but there are also grooms who come up with their decoration ideas. And some exciting ones.

To be able to find the right flowers, as a groom or as a bride, you must have options. It would be best if you had ideas that inspire you. And you have to take into account several aspects. What kind of flowers? Do you need to add a leather fern to the desired type of flower? What colors? Where do they put themselves? Maybe you like roses, but for you, peonies have something special. They were offered to you on the first date, and you would like to have them now. Orchids mean new beginnings. Every flower, even wood flower arrangements, can be the star of your wedding if it means something to you.

Field Flowers and Autumn Flowers

The wedding season is the warm season, from spring to summer. But weddings are also held in the cold season, early autumn, even later, towards winter, when it is cold outside. There are plenty of options if you orient yourself in choosing flowers for the wedding, depending on the season. If it’s summer, you have sunflowers, bluebells, lavender, and gypsophila, but you also have field nettles and leather fern. They are perfect if the wedding is outdoors. The colors are gorgeous and inspired by nature. You can add some dry wheat, which is increasingly used in arrangements with other flowers, especially wildflowers.

If it’s autumn, you have chrysanthemums, dahlias, carnations, roses, and gerbera. Still, you can also choose wood flower arrangements if all the flowers above do not resonate with you. And contrary to belief, carnations are not flowers of sadness. They are associated with unfortunate events in life, but this is also related to superstitions and traditions from grandparents. Many brides choose them for decoration on their wedding day, and they look perfect. A successful and slightly bold combination is the addition of elegant black tablecloths and chairs and many bright red carnations in the decoration.

Create a Unique and Original Style

All types of flowers look lovely in arrangements next to some threads of leather fern, dry leaves, acorns, and fir cones, placed on tables and in arches, and even in the bride’s bouquet. The dominant colors can be brick, terra cotta, mustard yellow, burgundy, and orange. There will be color and warmth, a cozy atmosphere, perfect for a warm autumn evening, and a successful wedding. If you don’t see the wedding in colors, neither fall nor summer, it can only be raw green. Green plants make a sensation in a wedding setting.

The floral wedding decoration also needs a few other accessories for a cozy atmosphere. For this reason, at weddings, you will see wooden boxes supporting wood flower arrangements, buckets that replace vases, jars, transparent glass vessels, candles, candlesticks, lanterns, curtains, or garlands of lights. You will see them covering the tables, you will see them next to and on the chairs, on the arches, in the corridor. Wooden boxes are excellent support for flowers. Small in size, they are much more practical and can easily be placed on the guests’ tables.

Special Wedding Decorations for Special Guests

Eucalypt, wheat, leather fern, and ivy are green decorative plants that can give life to the space indoors or outdoors. It looks good in a room but also in an open area, such as a garden. If you want to add a touch of color, add lavender to the decoration. You can do everything it crosses your mind because this is your big day, and everything should look the way you want. No matter your choice, you need to know it will be perfect. You may want a wedding in a rustic style or with a few rustic accents; go ahead and do it as you like.

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