Ten criteria for choosing the right SEO agency in Australia

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Here are ten criteria that will allow you, we hope, to make your choice with full knowledge of the facts and to assess the seriousness of the proposals made to you.

Does the SEO Australia agency qualify based on your needs?

A good SEO Australia agency must show an interest in your business. Does it inquire about your market, competitors, target, typology, purchasing cycle, and commercial and business objectives?   The qualification of needs is essential to lay the foundations for healthy and effective collaboration. Do you need an SEO audit, copywriting services, a net linking campaign, tracking positions on google, or training? A preliminary interview of at least 30 minutes is not too much to clarify all these points. If the agency does not offer it and establishes an estimate on a simple request, this should put you on alert.

Is the SEO agency Australia website professional?

You know the expression “the cobblers are always the worst shod.” Let’s try to twist this proverb. The agency’s site doesn’t need to rank first on all competitive queries (keywords) on google. However, the site must be professional in content and user experience with the help of an SEO Australia agency. Does it clearly describe the services offered? Are the legal notices there? Does it contain a blog with articles attesting to the agency’s expertise? So many positive indicators that will encourage you to go further in your approach.

References of the SEO agency Australia:

The SEO agency Australia must be able to show you the results it has obtained within the framework of the projects entrusted to it by its clients.

It can translate to:

  • The increase in organic traffic;
  • Improving the ranking of the client’s site on engines concerning queries with a minimum of search volume (over 1000 monthly searches);
  • Increase in conversions and revenue.

You can ask the agency to show you examples of articles or content written for their clients. Choosing an SEO agency Australia that specializes in a specific industry is not essential. If you are an insurance company and the provider has no references in this sector of activity, this does not disqualify it because the referencing techniques used do not depend on the field of activity. It is even better not to choose an agency that already has one of your competitors in its portfolio for apparent conflict of interest reasons.

Will you have a dedicated contact person?

For optimal project monitoring, it is essential to have a dedicated contact throughout your project. It is a promise very often put forward but not always respected. A significant turnover in the staff of an agency can lead to a frequent change of interlocutors, which risks harming the project and the expected performance. Also, make sure of the profile of your interlocutor. What are its references, experiences, and degree of maturity in natural referencing? Unfortunately, an intern cannot produce the same results as an experienced consultant with many years of experience.

Commitment clause in the contract

Some agencies will offer you a long-term commitment, a contract for 1 or 2 years. It does not offer you much flexibility if you are unsatisfied with the services because you can only opt out at the end of the contractual period. The current situation is not helping; companies sometimes adjust their marketing budget. A non-binding contract will allow you to enter into collaboration without significant pressure. The service provider offering you this type of contract will be all the more involved because your loyalty will depend on its results. Check this point carefully before signing.

The commercial speech

Pay attention to the service provider’s commercial discourse. Beware of agencies that promise to get to the top position quickly on competitive queries. This commercial position is not tenable because referencing is a matter of time, and Google is ultimately the only master in the case. It in no way means that a service provider cannot position your site in the first positions in the long term, synonymous with visibility and substantial income. Still, it does require efforts and appropriate financial investments.

In addition, no natural referencing agency can claim SEO Australia certification or any partnership with Google. The “Google Partner” Badge is granted to agencies for paid referencing, in other words, Google Ads. The SEO agency Australia must also demonstrate pedagogy and be understandable by everyone. It must explain the strategy it wishes to implement clearly.

The methods used by the agency

  • There is no one way to do SEO. Two types of practices are generally opposed:
  • “White Hat”: meaning that the agency complies with Google’s recommendations in terms of natural referencing;
  • “Black Hat”: means, on the contrary, that the service provider uses SEO techniques prohibited by Google.
  • Among these “prohibited” techniques, some are particularly ineffective and can lead to very harmful google penalties for your site: cloaking, use of link farms, automation of content creation, content looting, etc. We will not go into the details of these techniques but ask the provider all the same. His answer can be a good indicator, even if you are not an SEO expert.

Is notoriety important?

Should we favor an agency with a storefront or large companies among its clients? Not necessarily, and there are outstanding reputable SEO agency Australia and very competent small agencies. Notoriety is not always a guarantee of quality. Make up your mind. Compete between agencies. Evaluate their involvement, the results they have already obtained, and the experience of your interlocutors.

SEO tools used

Most agencies use the same SEO Australia tools: Semrush, Majestic, Ahrefs, Oncrawl, Screamingfrog, Botify, Monitoring, etc. Knowing the agency’s tools won’t give you an idea of ​​their competence. A service provider’s fundamental skills lie in analyzing the data extracted from these tools and its ability to implement a relevant and effective SEO strategy.

At the beginning of SEO Australia, faced with the lack of tools, many agencies developed their software. Today, the market offers tools that are primarily sufficient to monitor an SEO project. We often hear from prospects, “I have Semrush; what more can you give us? » the logical answer of an agency will be: « competence and experience ». Remember, the most crucial thing about tools is what you do with them.

The progress of the project

Before you engage with a service provider, ask them how a project is going. What is the frequency of meetings or calls? How is the monitoring of results carried out, and in what form? What are the stages of the project to achieve the objectives set? So many answers will allow you to make your choice in full knowledge of the facts.

The cost of seo services is also essential, but it should not be your only compass. Some meager prices are often synonymous with inferior quality of service. To conclude, the financial and human investment in an SEO project is essential and deserves consideration. The project’s success strongly depends on your collaboration with the SEO agency Australia you have chosen and the mutual trust established between you and the service provider. Prioritize your interlocutor’s transparency, experience, and involvement in making your choice. Do not hesitate to contact our SEO agency Austrlia for more information.

seo agency australia

How to carry out the SEO audit of a website?

Have you noticed a drop in organic traffic, or are you considering redesigning your website? It may be time to perform an SEO audit to establish your natural referencing strategy properly. This complete guide shows you the steps to conduct a thorough analysis of your site.

What is an SEO audit?

According to Wikipedia, an SEO Australia audit is a complete analysis of your website and its competitive environment, and it is essential to any natural referencing strategy.

It is, therefore, an inventory at a “T” moment of a website’s performance. It allows you to assess your “good health” by highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. It is based on a comprehensive analysis and interpretation of data extracted from different SEO tools.

There are two main types of SEO analysis:

  • The “on-page” analysis relates to everything on your site (technical elements, markup, content, images, internal linking, source code, etc.).
  • The “off-page” analysis is none other than the analysis of backlinks (incoming links located on other sites and pointing to yours) contributing to the popularity of your domain name.
  • If it is well carried out, the SEO Australia audit leads to concrete recommendations and areas for improvement to optimize the referencing of your website.

How long does an SEO analysis of a website take?

It all depends on the size of the site. It can take one week for a “small” area, composed of very few pages, to 3 weeks or more for large or complex sites in terms of architecture. The more pages there are, the greater the risk of SEO errors.  SEO Australia analysis includes many checkpoints, as we will see later in this article. Several days are necessary for the extraction of the data, their analysis, and the restitution of the results so that they are intelligible and understandable, even for people who are not SEO experts.

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