Selling on Shopify vs Selling on Amazon: An In-Depth Comparison

The two platforms have their pros and cons, so it’s truly simply a question of which method turns out best for your business. 

It is safe to say that you are considering starting an eCommerce store and pondering which stage to utilize? Continue to peruse for a top to bottom breakdown of both Shopify and Amazon.

Pros of Selling on Shopify

The primary thing to note here is that you don’t really sell on Shopify. Maybe, you sell products on your own website and use Shopify to work with the transactions. 

Shopify is a modern set-up of eCommerce instruments that can be effortlessly introduced on any website. It enables you to list things, make item pages, set up shopping carts, and acknowledge different payment methods. 

Once your site is set up you’ll have your own personal eCommerce store on your own domain.

  • Build Your Own Brand:  Selling things on your own website permits you to build your brand significantly more effectively. At the point when someone purchases something from you on Amazon they’ll tell individuals they got it on Amazon. In any case, on the off chance that someone purchases something from your store they’ll say “I purchased this from .”
  • Personalize Your Store: Because you’re selling on your own site you can make things look anyway you like. Shopify even offers a variety of topics which makes personalizing your store easy. At the point when you sell on Amazon you have next to no control over the appearance of your product listings.
  • Less Competition: At the point when you drive individuals to your Shopify site you’re the only seller there, which means you’ll get every one of the sales. In any case, when you’re selling on Amazon there are millions of different sellers competing against you. Indeed, even on your own product listings there are connections and ads to other sellers’ pages.
  • Powerful eCommerce Tools: Their platform brags a wide reach tools, including deserted truck recuperation, inventory systems, automatic tax calculation, a logo producer, multichannel selling, application integration, and then some. This permits you to construct a modern store that rivals any large company.
  • Easy to Use: Shopify is designed to be simple for everybody to utilize. Their interface and devices are very easy to understand. Regardless of whether you’re new to selling on the web it will not take you long to figure out how to take advantage of your Shopify store.

On the off chance that you need to fabricate your own store, or you as of now have an established brand and are searching for a simple method to sell online, Shopify is an extraordinary choice.

Pros of Selling on Amazon

Amazon is something other than an eCommerce platform. It’s a monstrous online marketplace. This implies that when you sell on Amazon you don’t simply get their tools and features, you likewise gain admittance to their customers. 

On the off chance that you’ve at any point shopped online, you’ve likely purchased something on Amazon. The thing is, a ton of the time you’re not really buying from Amazon, you’re purchasing from a third-party seller. 

To further increase the quantity of products they offer, Amazon permits other eCommerce sellers to utilize their platform. This is a huge chance for business visionaries searching for a way to sell online.

  • You Benefit From Amazon’s Brand:  While it’s difficult to build your own brand on the platform, in addition to side is you’re ready to exploit Amazon’s brand. Individuals have a ton of trust in the organization since they’re the world’s biggest retailer. Thus, when you sell on Amazon customers are bound to confide in you also.
  • Access to Large Amounts of Traffic: Amazon is one of the most well known locales on the web. This makes advertising your things significantly simpler. In case you’re ready to upgrade your postings appropriately and exploit the platform’s promoting options you can drive a ton of traffic to your item pages.
  • Less Work: On the off chance that you utilize Amazon’s FBA program, selling on the platform is very basic. Simply send your inventory to one of their warehouses and they’ll store it for you, and when somebody puts in a request they’ll ship it to the customer. This extraordinarily lessens the measure of time and assets you need to maintain your business.
  • Lots of Helpful Tools: Amazon’s Seller Central furnishes you with all you require to maintain your Amazon business. There are likewise a lot of third-party research tools that will assist you with identifying the best products to sell on amazon.

Amazon is a great choice for new sellers and the individuals who don’t as of now have an enormous after. The site’s set up brand and enormous measure of traffic additionally make it simpler to build up your business rapidly.

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