Border Surveillance Cameras – Opinion on Having One

Your home and business are safer if you have installed several border surveillance cameras to monitor access to the space. Several people with keys have access, especially if you are away from home for a long time or in your home or office. If you are thinking of buying such a device, consider some essential selection criteria. Surveillance systems with video cameras help you keep your home or business safe. However, the cameras are available in so many variants that it is often challenging to determine which model suits your needs.

The role of a guide is to provide you with the necessary information to be able to quickly choose the best outdoor surveillance camera, considering the place where you will place it, the surface it must cover, the quality of the image, the storage options other relevant criteria are also available.

The resolution you need depends on the length the camera has to cover, providing clear images in which you can see important details, such as a car’s registration number or a person’s face. Specialists recommend focusing on models which can reasonably cover distances of up to 10-12m.

Take Advice from Specialists in the Field

Suppose you want to monitor a generous garden and need an option that allows you to see very well what is happening at distances of up to 15-16m. In that case, it is good to look for a 2Mp version, and for parking lots or larger spaces, the best border surveillance cameras are the 4-5Mp ones, which reproduce good quality details even from 20m or further. The viewing angle is another aspect that tells you what camera you need and how many pieces to cover the surface you are interested in effectively.

You can ensure better coverage by opting for rotating models that allow you to orient the camera to the area you want to follow or to follow a person moving through the targeted space. The best option from this point of view is a 360-degree option, which captures images from all around, completely covering the area in which it is mounted. As a recommendation, a border surveillance camera, at a reasonable price, from the category of wireless options, with batteries or an accumulator, is more comfortable and easier to mount if you consider getting the wireless type.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to check the available energy periodically and to recharge it occasionally, a rather tricky aspect if the device is mounted on a high pole, even if most models with a motion sensor work up to 3-4 months on a single charge loading. The cable variants are more complicated to mount and sometimes require the services of a professional. The power can be supplied directly from the electricity network or, if you do not have access to one, through a PoE cable that also ensures the connection to the Internet.

IP or Analogue – which Is the Best Choice?

If you are considering buying an analogue model, knowing these options have some significant limitations is good. First, the videos are stored only on the DVR, so their installation requires a cable connection. Secondly, they usually have a lower resolution than the IP versions and do not allow access to the recorded materials via phone or the Internet, but only locally. The IP variants are the modern alternative, which means a border surveillance camera with recording on a card or in the cloud via the Internet or Bluetooth.

These models also allow you to access and watch movies from your phone or tablet; some offer the possibility to manage the live camera by changing the position or accessing other functions. For those who rely on the security system for protection at night, it is recommended to opt for a model equipped with both an LED and an IR sensor, which allow the visualization of objects and people, in the dark, even from a distance, as well as with Day & Night function that optimizes the interpretation of infrared images by the camera.

Do you need a device that gives you more control? Choose a border surveillance camera, at a reasonable price, of the PTZ (panoramic, tilt, zoom) type that allows you to rotate the device, tilt it or change the zoom remotely through a dedicated application accessible through a phone, tablet or PC. Do you want to mount the camera at a height with a risk of being affected by air currents? Make sure you choose a model with EIS (electronic image stabilization system) that corrects small changes in position, keeping the image clear even when the camera moves.

Can Surveillance Camera Be Connected to a Solar Panel?

Suppose your home is equipped with a solar panel, or you want to install one to provide a power source for the security camera. In that case, it is good to know that it is a viable option, and with the correct set of connections, you can solve this problem for almost any model of the room. However, it doesn’t hurt to know that there are also models of border surveillance cameras, which include in their design a small solar panel that ensures their power supply. A well-designed surveillance system protects you against intruders and helps you identify them if they still manage to penetrate the perimeter.

Plan and Prepare Everything in Detail

It is crucial to install the equipment properly to benefit from all the advantages of a security solution of this type. Carefully identify the vulnerable places and establish the location of the cameras so that they cover the entire yard, parking lot, etc., or only the most exposed areas if you do not have a budget that allows for enough devices. If you have decided to opt for analogue cameras, also determine the point from which they will be supplied with energy, the route of the cables, the location of the DVR, and the route of the wires for the video connection.

Numerous opinions about the best border surveillance cameras recommend wireless IP options as an alternative – in which case you only need to take care of the power supply cables. If you choose a version with a battery, you only need to position the video equipment correctly. Suppose you want to buy a device that covers a medium-sized yard completely. In that case, you should go for a rotating version, which can cover 360 degrees and rotate automatically, visualizing the entire space in the centre of which it is mounted.

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