Which Database is best for your Business?

                            Which Database is best for your Business?

An efficient database is essential for businesses to organize all the business data and manage customer exchanges. Regardless of it being placed off-site and managed by 3rd party or on the premises and handled locally, a business will require a secure and reliable database management system for efficiently handling the information. With the availability of several options, how could you choose the best one for your business?


Factors to consider while selecting the right type of database management system:

Overall features: It is key to analyse a complete set of features, analytics, real-time data, workflow automation, reporting, customization, etc. The management ability and its contact abilities must be under consideration.

Ease of use: A database must be simple to use with a simple interface that is easy to set up and function. It has to be according to the requirements of the specific type of business and its customer interactions.

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The number of people accessing the Database: If the number of people accessing the database is small, then a spreadsheet can do the job. Even though it can be viewed by several people only a single user can access it at a time. But if the need is to give access to multiple people, then you have to select the database appropriately.

Pricing: Cost for every user accessing the database, the overall number of users, customizations, maintenance, etc must be taken into account. While tiny file Databases are smaller and inexpensive, they cannot perform bigger tasks. This includes allowing multiple people to access the database along with complex data processing functions. In such situations, there will be a need for RDBMS-type apps depending on the total number of users.

Database security: Any kind of Database can be helpful for businesses over a long time only if it is secured completely. It should be able to negate any kind of cyber-attacks on data or any specific business information. There should be complete data encryption along with follow-up of standard industry norms for DB outline and secured settings. With the advancements in technology, there will be chances of malicious activities from expert hackers and even from internal employees. Regardless of external security, care should be taken to ensure that the database is secured comprehensively along with a planned recovery plan if a database is compromised.

Support: You must always look for solutions that offer comprehensive customer support through email, phone, chat, etc. They are key for ensuring that the database will be functioning optimally and smoothly even in case of any issues.


Best Database systems for different businesses:

Oracle: It is one of the highly used and renowned Database systems across the globe. This database management system is complex and robust with the aid of the cloud in the latest releases. Hence, users need to take detailed training on this to guarantee that they utilize it completely.

Microsoft SQL: SQL stands for “structured query language”, Microsoft’s DBMS is also a leading database management system that is known for its stable nature. One of the main reasons for its popularity and wide usage is due to its sync with the other renowned Microsoft offerings like Excel, Word, SharePoint, etc. Microsoft SQL DBMS supports native BI tools which makes it highly useful for various functionalities.

MySQL: This is also an open-source alternative to Microsoft’s SQL which also employs the structures of SQL language. It is still an open-source solution even though it is now under the bracket of Oracle. This is highly popular among dynamic content users like e-commerce sites precisely web-based business apps. Several renowned companies like Google, Facebook, Adobe, etc make use of My SQL DBMS.

PostgreSQL: This DBMS solution is seldom heard among general businesses. It is also an open-source DBMS that is employed in several creative spaces like DB automation, online gaming apps, or domain registries. This DBMS can work on several operating systems like Linux, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X with an experience of over 25 years of a lively community.

Microsoft Access: This is the softer variant of Microsoft SQL which is ideal for desktop apps. This DBMS is highly employed for managing e-commerce sites and content management systems. This DBMS will not give a complete set of features that is available with SQL proper, it gives the same level of ease given by it with the Office Suite of Microsoft. Microsoft Access is simple to start with the setup, operation, and maintenance.

Teradata: If Big data is involved in the operations, then Teradata is the ideal option. Generally, some businesses that deal with huge chunks of data are required to manage them carefully to handle any glitches with operations. Started as a Database for Wal-Mart around 25 years back, the current Tera data version is the best option for such huge firms.

IBM DB2: This DBMS is best suited for enterprise workloads with big accessibility and huge loads. It is already employed by many big firms across the world to enhance database working with reduced costs. Hence, it is evident that IBM DB2 joins the list with the latest Enterprise Server Edition.

Informix: One more invention from IBM, Informix is employed in the education field and also made ready to be used across the corporate world. This solution blends well with JSON, SQL, and three-dimensional data that usually lists first with regards to solving user problems and ease of use.

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SAP ASE: This is the Adaptive Server Enterprise which is developed to manage fast operating, transaction-dependent apps. This is majorly used across finance and banking apps which need to handle huge chunks of users at the same time.


Final thoughts:

An efficient database can enhance the working of any business operation. If you are looking to build your product with a combo of creativity and advanced technology, then associate with a leading top mobile app development company in Bangalore like Brillmindz Technologies. With an expert team of engineers, they can guide you towards success with the right selection of technical elements and features.


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