What Should You Expect During A Hot Stone Massage In Auckland?

A hot stone massage therapy is just the rejuvenation you need for the week ahead

When you go in for a hot stone massage, you should know what to expect. This massage operates slightly differently from the rest as it employs the use of another material along with the massage strokes. 

Hot stones. 

This article tells you everything you need to know about hot stone massage in Auckland

What are the specifics of a hot stone massage therapy? 

In this kind of massage, basalt stones are used which have the capacity to retain heat. These are also smooth shaped and thus do not cause pain when they are placed on the areas of the body. 

The massage therapist heats the stones until they are in the range of 110 to 130 F, as this is the optimum temperature. The placement of the stones can either be decided as per which areas need the heat or along the energy lines. It is believed that when the energy between the body and mind is balanced, it will help overall health. 

The benefits of a hot stone massage in Auckland 

While every massage leaves you feeling revitalised and energised, a hot stone massage provides you with a feeling of deep relaxation. 

These are the benefits you can expect: 

  • A relaxation of the muscles with warmth being provided by the hot stones
  • Help to those suffering from anxiety or depression as massage facilitates the release of endorphins
  • Ease of pain in conditions such as arthritis

Where are stones placed during the hot stone massage therapy? 

The name suggests the use of stones that are strategically placed on various areas of the body. However, how exactly are the positions of these stones decided upon? 

In a usual hot stone massage, unless you have another specific requirement or a specific pain in an area, the stones will be placed on both sides of the spine, in the palms of the hand and on the legs. 

The massage therapist then applies oil and glides over the areas of the body with the stones in hand. The therapeutic effects of the oil combined with the heat of the stones makes for great relaxation. 

Do the hot stones burn the skin? 

A common doubt that people have is whether the basalt stones that are placed on the skin in the course of a hot stone massage in Auckland burn the skin. The answer is no. 

A sheet is placed between the person’s bare skin and the stones. The heat takes around 3 to 4 minutes to penetrate through the sheet and reach the skin. The temperature of the stones is adjusted to what you would be comfortable with and thus you should not be worried about burns. 

If you have any injuries on your body surface or serious marks or grazes that would be affected by the heat of the stones, you must let the therapist know about these.

How should you select a massage centre?

When it comes to choosing a massage centre, the criteria should be to choose a place where you will get professional service. Though massages are relaxation and stress-buster, there is real science involved. 

The tissues of the body need special attention during a massage session and the various energy pathways need to be taken into account too. 

HealthCure Massage Botany has premier massages that are offered to you by physiotherapists. These massages encompass relief to the various aches and pains that one may face. 

The range of massages offered at HealthCure Massage are: 

A hot stone massage therapy is great for you to feel energised once again for the long week ahead. In order to book your appointment, you can call in or fill the form. 

Rest is not so tough to come by if you know the right place for a massage!

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