What Kind Of Soil Is Ideal For Growing Lovin In Her Eyes?

Knowing what kind of soil is ideal for your cannabis plant is essential to give it all it needs to develop. Even though this should be simple to understand, things can become a little complex. Understanding your lovin in her eyes plant’s specific requirements is essential to promoting optimal growth. Various cannabis plant varieties require different types of soil.

We’ll go over all the information you want to select the ideal soil for your cannabis plant in this article.

Handmade Vs. Store-Bought

The issue of whether it makes more sense to buy soil for cannabis plants from the store or to get it from the backyard is one of the first that novice producers face. If you’ve never grown cannabis plants, getting premium soil from your neighborhood home and garden center is a good idea. This soil often has a nearly ideal spectrum of nutrients for your plant.

We have options for you if you’d want to make your own (we understand). Here, we’ll go into the many types of soil, the percentages you should aim for if you decide to build your soil, and what you need to know about pH to support the growth and health of your plants.

Considering The Soil

There are several things to consider when making the ideal soil for cannabis plants, regardless of whether you want to buy prepared soil or wish to make your own blend to support your plants.
It will help if you consider the following factors while selecting your soil:

Drainage: Cannabis plants need to be able to drain well to grow; therefore, you should select soil that makes it simple for water to pass through. You may tell your soil isn’t suitable for cannabis plants if water accumulates on top of it. Your plants may suffer from poor health due to improper drainage, or they may die before their time.

Texture: Loose soil works best for cannabis plant development, enabling enough oxygen to reach the roots. Your soil isn’t a good choice if it’s dense or compacted.

Nutrients: You should choose nutrient-dense soil since your cannabis plants will require a lot of nutrients to develop. Your soil has all the nutrients your plants require at the start of the growth process. You’ll need to add extra nutrients to the soil (such as compost or worm casings) after the blossoming process starts to assist in recovering lost nutrients.

Considering PH

The acidity or alkalinity of a substance is gauged using the pH scale. Higher values are more basic, and lower numbers are more acidic on the pH scale, which runs from 0 to 14. (or alkaline). Although cannabis plants do best in slightly acidic soil, you should aim for a pH of 6.0. Maintain a pH range of 5.8 to 6.3 for your soil. Maintaining the health of your plants may be ensured by routinely testing the pH of your soil.


While cultivating lovin in her eyes cannabis for the first time, it’s fascinating to observe how various soil modifications might impact the development of your plants. It might be wise to network with other growers in your area for ideas and tactics to make your plants thrive. The climate and humidity of your location may demand changes to your soil.

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