What is the Good Mileage for a Used Engine?

As a used engine seeker, you must know how crucial it is to find a good quality used engine for sale for your car. But how will you ensure its quality when you buy a used engine online.


Often it comes down to the expected lifespan of the engine. Everyone wants an engine that will last for a long time without needing extensive repairs. You must know that there is a close relationship between the lifespan of an engine and its mileage. That makes mileage a significant factor in a used engine purchase.


So, if you wish to buy a quality used engine, you must know what the good mileage number for it will be. In this article, we’ll cover all the bases of engine mileage so you can make an informed purchase.


What is An Engine’s Mileage? 


Mileage is the distance an engine has driven in total since being installed in a car. An engine’s mileage is defined as low or high, calculated through an average number of driven miles.


Mileage may offer a great insight into the condition of an engine. It proves to be quite helpful in determining the condition of a used engine along with other factors like age & maintenance. When you’re in the market for a used engine for sale, you’ll hear this term excessively for it’s a major criterion for determining an engine’s worth.


Know the Mileage of Your Used Engine 


Suppose an engine drives about 10,000 miles in a year on average. If five years later, the engine has significantly more miles than 60,000, it will be a high mileage engine.


Most people prefer to avoid buying high-mileage engines. It signifies that the internal components of the engine are quite worn out due to all the driving around.


However, a little above 60,000 miles mark is not an issue as it wouldn’t make much of a difference in an engine’s condition.


On the other hand, low mileage used engine is usually a car engine for sale with lesser than 60,000 miles on it. It indicated that the engine has driven a fair share of a mile but not too much to degrade its internal parts.


Low mileage used engines are quite preferable. Everyone wants to buy a used engine with a promise of a long lifeline.


However, too low mileage is not good for anyone. For example, if an engine has only about 12,000 miles after 5 years, it indicates that the engine has not been driven enough to maintain its power & performance.


Moreover, there is a chance that the internal rubber components will have gone bad. There’s also a possibility of rust accumulation in the engine.


Acceptable Mileage of a Used Engine 


Since too high and too low, both are not acceptable. One may wonder, how many miles are good for a used engine. Although, the condition of a used engine depends on a variety of factors.


However, to consider mileage specifically, an engine with 120,000 to 200,000 miles after about 10-15 years of service is a viable engine.


The numbers are based on the assumption that an average engine drives about 10,000 to 15,000 miles a year. It is also important that the engine must be serviced regularly and maintained with care.


What Else Can Determine an Engine’s Quality?


The quality of a used auto engine for sale also depends on the condition of its timing belt and chain. These are the crucial parts of an engine that are often overlooked at the time of purchase.


A timing belt is good to go for about 100,000 miles. After that, it is likely to wear out & snap, causing severe damage that could potentially total the entire engine.


On the other hand, the timing chain usually lasts two to three times longer than the timing belt. Most people don’t prefer changing the timing chain, for it is seldom unnecessary and costs a lot. However, if you are buying a used engine, you must ask if the timing belt has been replaced or repaired.




To conclude, we can say that there is an approximate number of miles that makes up a good mileage for a used engine for sale. However, there are lot more factors that affect the condition of the used engine.


So, it is best to have some idea of your requirement and buy the used engine online, leaving it up to the experts. The online used engine sellers often store only high-quality low mileage used engines that are good to go for years to come. Hence, if you buy a used engine online, you’ll get an assured quality engine with many exciting benefits.



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