What Is Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage therapy treats damaged, tense, knotted or immobile muscles. This massage therapy can be used to treat both deep and superficial tissues. The purpose of a remedial massage is to speed up the body’s healing process and locate and repair the affected areas of the body. 


Massage therapists use a wide range of skilled techniques that help reduce pain. Techniques like deep strokes, effleurage, compressions, etc., stimulate blood circulation and encourage deep relaxation. Health Cure provides the best remedial massage in Auckland.


Muscle problems can spread pain to the surrounding parts of the body. Remedial massage can detect the core reason for pain and tackles its symptoms. People who have neck, shoulder or back pain, or are suffering from any injuries, have chronic pain, anxiety or depression can seek remedial massage therapy for their management and treatment.


Venous return is the blood flow returning to the heart. For a healthy functioning heart, an increase in venous return is beneficial. It also helps treat adhesions using deep massage techniques that break down collagen. Health Cure Auckland provides deep and relaxing remedial massages curated per your needs.


There is an increase in endorphins, serotonin and dopamine levels during a remedial massage. These happy hormones can bring out a positive effect on your mental health. The stimulated blood supply increases happy hormones, and faster recovery of damaged muscles helps restore your muscles and bones to normal condition and heals injuries.   


Remedial massages balance the length, tone and tension of your tendons and muscles. Balanced muscles and tendons help stabilise the position of your bones and promote their healing. 


The muscle tension is decreased by stimulating blood flow and encouraging physical relaxation. Thus, a deep and relaxing remedial massage can help reduce stress and increase muscle elasticity.


Increased tissue elasticity happens due to a rise in the temperature of your muscles during the massage, and the high temperature helps break down adhesions. It also allows muscle fibres to loosen and separate. The friction against your skin allows the tissues to relax and become more flexible. 

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Stabilising muscles and bones can improve problems like headaches, abdominal pain, back pain, etc. Thus, remedial massages treat problems like sporting and dance injuries, muscle cramps, muscular atrophy, arthritis and frozen shoulder. 


Remedial massages are often mistaken for deep tissue massage. Even though both massage techniques involve similar patterns, remedial massage focuses more on the parts of the body that require rehabilitation. For an effective and relaxing remedial massage in Auckland, Health Cure is your one-stop destination.


A remedial massage starts with your massage therapist reviewing your posture, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Once the issue and its cause are diagnosed, the therapist performs expert massage techniques in the targeted area. 


At Health Cure, we provide a range of massage and relaxation therapies for your body and mind. Our expert massage therapists are trained to treat any muscle tension or injury you have most effectively. The range of massage therapies we offer includes remedial massage, Swedish massage, Sports massage, reflexology and couple massage in Auckland.

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