What Is a Commercial Electrician?

Commercial electrician

Even though many different tasks of electricians may overlap, there are a few that can only be done by a specific kind of electrician. The differences in tasks lurk in the nature of the project itself, and every project requires a set of specialised skills.

Typically, electricians are divided into three main categories: residential, commercial, and industrial.

However, there is another category of electricians, and that is construction electricians. These professionals specialise in larger-scale electrical projects. Some of their tasks may include overseeing the installation of electrical systems in buildings and structures and helping other workers with planning, assembling, repairing, or verifying the systems. Such system verification is usually done by carefully examining the building’s blueprints.

These people can help you if you encounter a problem of an electrical nature at home, at your workplace, or your place of business. So, for instance, if you ever encounter electrical problems at your workplace or in a shopping centre, a commercial electrician can be called upon to fix said problem.

How Many Different Categories of Electricians Are There?

There are many different ways to categorise electricians, but first, we will divide them based on their education.

In this category, the first type of electrician we can find is the apprentice electrician. These people are just breaking into the field, and there is more than one way to do so. In order to pursue a career as an electrician, you can either complete an associate degree in electrical technology or an apprenticeship. One such training program can take up to two years and is usually offered by technical institutes.

However, apprenticeship is the easier way out. By undergoing such a four-year-long program, you can immediately begin working as an assistant electrician. Throughout this training program, you will learn all about the hands-on experience from some of the best-experienced electricians.

Based on their education, we can also distinguish journeyman electricians from master electricians, who are more advanced in their knowledge and can work on projects of higher complexity.

Another way we can divide electricians into categories is based on their specialisation. This way, we can divide them up depending on the environment they have chosen to work in, whether residential, commercial, industrial, or construction.

What Do Commercial Electricians Do?

Residential and commercial electricians share many similar duties. The only difference between them is that one type, the residential, works in apartment buildings, houses, or condos. In contrast, commercial electricians work in shopping centres or other such areas.

Considering the type of work they do and the place they do it, commercial electricians consider public safety their biggest priority. These types of professionals can be called in to install security systems, electronic systems, or heating and cooling systems.

By hiring a commercial electrician, you are investing in a decision that will help you decrease maintenance expenses, improve your electrical systems’ efficiency, and ensure a safe electrical environment.

By not having to worry about these issues anymore, you can keep yourself focused on other more important parts of handling a business, like coming up with new products or investing more time and creativity into marketing said products, and let professionals take care of electrical problems.

What Are Construction Electricians?

We can also distinguish construction electricians based on specialisation. These professionals mainly work on electrical work in new and existing buildings.

Construction electricians can also work on larger projects and oversee the installation of electrical systems in such buildings.

Their main work tasks include basic writing and maintaining a vast knowledge of building codes and safety procedures. These electricians also have a good knowledge of blueprints and can review them to help with planning, assessing, and repairing electrical systems.

Based on specialisation, we can also distinguish other more complex types of electricians, such as automotive electricians, who mainly work on electrical systems found in vehicles; marine electricians, who work on jobs involving water fairing vessels; and highway systems electricians, who work on electrical structures found on roadways, such as street lights or signage. If you are interested in finding out more about them, you can read the following article.

construction electricians

Why Should You Hire a Professional Electrician?

Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, you must have an up-to-date electrical system. Therefore, it is extremely important to hire a reputable electrician whenever you encounter electrical issues or want to upgrade your system.

If you hire a good electrical company, you can rest assured that you will save time, stress, and money in the long run.

To go into more detail, here are a few benefits of hiring an electrical company:

  1. First of all, hiring such a company will automatically save you money. A professional electrical company can recommend improvements whenever it detects electrical inefficiencies in the electrical systems of your home or workplace.
  2. You should know that this may cost you quite a bit in the beginning, but it is an investment that will be worth it in the long run because it can help you detect malfunctions in your system as soon as possible.
  3. So, by having the aid of a professional electrician, you will help prevent mistakes that could lead to property damage or electrical fires.
  4. A few other things that make hiring a professional electrician worthwhile are the fact that they offer improved energy efficiency, that they always possess a license, and that their vast expertise assures a safety guarantee.

If you ever encounter electrical problems at home, your workplace, or your business, never doubt putting your trust in a licensed electrician.

Consider the problem and look for all the different types of electricians, from residential to commercial electricians and construction electricians. Contact several companies, inquire about pricing, and determine whether the workers are properly licensed. After narrowing the search to a few affordable companies, make sure to check their reviews as well. This way, you can get real insight into the quality of their work.

If a company ticks all these boxes, you can rest assured that you have chosen the best electrical company.

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