What Health Benefits Do Keurig Tea Cups and Coffee Pods Have?

keurig tea cups

Nowadays, health is often overlooked in a world where people spend so much time focusing on their careers. Therefore, many people seek to improve their health by taking natural supplements. One of the most famous supplements today is tea. Keurig tea cups provide many health benefits while packing a delicious taste. Caffeine is proven beneficial to the human mind and body, and while green and black tea has it, coffee is the most popular source of caffeine. The best Keurig coffee pods come in many types and flavors, and like tea, they pack delicious taste combined with the caffeine we need so much in our lives.

How Many Types of Keurig Tea Cups Are There?

Currently, there are at least eight types of Keurig tea cups available for sale on the internet. The main tea types you will find are green and black tea, but there is also the herbal version of peppermint available. The origin of these teas lies in India and China, with peppermint tea being harvested in other parts of the world. Whichever your favorite kind of tea is, you are guaranteed to find a teacup that suits your taste.

All these teas are delicious and flavored to suit anyone’s taste. The Bombay Chai is the most flavored and you can find nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and cloves in each sip. If you like mango, you will be pleased to find out there is also a black tea type with tropical mango flavors. Another fancy flavor can be found in the Ginger Peach tea, which, like its name suggests, has spicy ginger and a delicious peach taste.

What Are the Benefits of Green Tea Cups?

Green tea has been widely recognized as one of the world’s healthiest drinks. It has been used in China and Japan for thousands of years to improve health and help cure certain diseases. The studies show that the major benefits of this type of tea come from its polyphenols, a very potent oxidant found in green tea. These antioxidants have been proven to help prevent and fight cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Green tea is also useful for people who want to lose weight. The reason for that is the caffeine in green tea, which speeds up metabolism and makes the body burn more calories. Furthermore, green tea is good for the brain, too. It is proven to improve brain function and protect it from aging. Daily consumption of green tea also helps prevent strokes and aids with digestion. You can get all these benefits from the much-loved Dragonwell Green type.

Are Black Tea Cups as Beneficial as Green Tea Cups?

It is no surprise that black tea is also packed with polyphenols and flavonoids, making it healthy for the heart and brain function. Furthermore, Keurig tea cups with black tea also help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and balance blood sugar levels. This makes it very useful for people who suffer from diabetes. Finally, black tea also improves gut health and helps reduce blood pressure for people suffering from high blood pressure.

Caffeine in black tea is beneficial for the mind and productivity since it increases wakefulness and improves focus. This is especially important for people working long hours. While there is not as much caffeine in tea cups as in the best Keurig coffee pods, some people still choose to only consume tea because of its health benefits. However, you can get important health benefits from both types of beverages.

best keurig coffee pods

The Best Keurig Coffee Pods for the Morning Coffee

Deciding which are the best Keurig coffee pods comes down to your personal taste. The Keurig coffee pods come in so many types that it’s hard not to find the perfect one for you. The lightest blend available is the Breakfast Blend with sweet caramel and floral tones. The darkest blend is, by no surprise, the Italian Roast and that’s because in Italy, it is a tradition to drink dark roasted brews.

The Hawaiian Blend stands right in the middle, as it is perfectly balanced between light and dark roast and comes with subtle sweet fruit, nut, and caramel taste. If you seek earthy aromas then the Sumatra Dark roast is the perfect one for you. Nutty and chocolate notes can be found in the Moka Java blend,s a medium dark roast full of aro,ma but also in the French Roast, a darker blend.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Coffee?

Being the number one most used drug in the world, you might be surprised that drinking coffee brings more benefits than just the ones regarding brain function. For example, drinking at least one cup of coffee daily is proven to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Regularly drinking coffee also lowers the risk of getting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Liver scarring is also reduced in people who regularly drink coffee, while some studies have shown that it may also be an ally in fighting liver cancer.

Drinking coffee gives everyone a feel-good sensation, but studies have shown that it is linked to a lower risk of depression among people who drink it regularly. The most benefits regarding depression were observed when at least four cups were consumed daily. Coffee also helps people live longer regardless of their physical condition and helps athletes perform better and increase energy levels. It is no wonder that some people call coffee a performance-enhancing drug. Furthermore, chronic diseases are kept at bay easier by people who drink three to four cups of coffee daily.

Coffee and tea might be the most popular beverages today. While you can get amazing health benefits from them, like the ones listed above, it is important to know that they can be unhealthy for children and adolescents to drink. It is also not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, where they might cause complications. What is generally considered safe for most adults is drinking three to four cups daily. Many people choose Keurig tea cups because of how easy and fast one can prepare a tea, but also because of the many flavors they have. Sometimes, the best Keurig coffee pods can taste better than fancy coffee blends found on the market so it is no surprise that they have become so popular among coffee drinkers in the last years.

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