What are the different stages of SEO services in Australia?

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In this article, we explain the different stages of collaboration with an SEO service provider.

Step 1

An SEO company Australia will define your needs

Definition of the client’s needs and objectives. You must define your needs and objectives with the SEO services Australia. You must know your market, competitors, the specifics of your services or products, and your audience. All this information collected at the beginning of the collaboration with an SEO company Australia will allow the service provider to target the relevant keywords for your activity and activate the best SEO levers.

Step 2

The Audit Phase

The technical SEO audit of the site is an essential step in the project because it highlights the blocking points for a good referencing of your site. Depending on the volume of pages to be analyzed and the complexity of your website, the audit can take several days or even weeks (for more significant sites). The agency checks all the technical elements necessary for the proper exploration and indexing of your site by search engine crawlers. This complete analysis is then returned to the client in pdf format with all the technical optimizations to be carried out, listed in order of priority.

Semantic audit (keyword targeting)

The next step is to analyze the keywords on which your website is already positioned on the engines. And to identify those on which you could set yourself. In other words, the visibility opportunities you miss.

The semantic audit thus allows:

Identify the right keywords as well as long-tail keywords;

  • To ensure that your site uses the same language as Internet users looking for your services or products on the Internet, a necessary condition to be found on Google;
  • Organize the keywords into major themes (cocoons) and streamline the architecture of your site (navigational menu).

Competitive Audit

The competitive audit allows you to position yourself with your competitors: organic traffic, the number of keywords, places on google, backlinks, domain authority, etc.

You will know what efforts to make to catch up with the best of your competitors on the Internet.

Step 3

Technical and semantic optimizations with SEO services Australia

After the audit phase, technical optimizations should be carried out on-site. The client often collaborates with a specialized SEO services Australia  (web or digital agency) to develop his site. In this context, the SEO company Australia can support the client in its exchanges with its technical service provider to ensure that the optimizations have been implemented correctly. Some adjustments to the content of the site are sometimes necessary. The agency’s editorial teams thus suggest modifying existing texts while respecting the client’s brand identity and editorial policy. They can either write the content in question or support the client’s internal teams in optimizing it.

These optimizations can be spread over several months. The agency makes regular points (monthly or weekly) with the client to ensure that the roadmap is respected. This step is part of monthly support, one of the SEO agency’s SEO services Australia.

Step 4

Creating quality content is a constant effort that ensures visibility on search engines. This content strategy must therefore take place over time. If the client expresses the need, the right SEO company Australia can offer web writing services, in particular, to feed the client’s blog, build case studies or create white papers. Some clients decide to internalize this skill. In this case, the SEO agency can train the client’s teams to write for the web.

Step 5

Netlinking consists of buying links on certain online media to increase the authority of a website and thus improve its ranking in search engines. Netlinking is also an essential step in the natural referencing of a website. This step, to be practical, should only take place after the technical and semantic optimizations are carried out on the site. The seo agency defines the objectives of the campaign with the client. Once the objectives have been set and the budget allocated, the agency’s teams search for the appropriate media sites (called “spots”) and negotiate the rates with the publishers. Each month, a report is provided to the client with all the publications made.

Step 6

The SEO agency monitors the performance of the client’s website every month, both in terms of keyword positions on Google and the evolution of organic traffic. It extracts data from the client’s Google Analytics account (or other traffic monitoring systems: Matomo, AT Internet, etc.) and uses appropriate SEO services Australia and tools.

The reporting tables are generally accessible via a tool called “Data Studio,” allowing the customer to consult the statistics of his website online and in real-time. This performance monitoring makes it possible to ensure that the actions carried out have produced their effects and to determine future actions. To conclude, before selecting your seo agency, ensure how it proceeds in the SEO project. Ask how often reporting is done and how the SEO services Australia will interact with your internal teams.

The three pillars of SEO

Since the appearance of the engines, one thing is sure, the triptych “Technical, Content, Popularity” always constitutes the base of any strategy of natural referencing.

  1. The technique

According to Wikipedia, the construction of a website with a simple architecture facilitates its exploration by search engine robots and, therefore, it’s indexing. The markup must be optimized ( Title, Hn, Meta Description ) to target specific keywords. The internal mesh links between the different pages of your site must be relevant. Sitemap and Robots.txt files, on the other hand, tell crawlers which pages are essential and which are less so. So many control points constitute what is called “Technical SEO.”

  1. The contents

Natural referencing is, above all, a matter of semantics. Engine robots crawl billions of websites a day to analyze their content. As we have seen previously, you should avoid keyword stuffing. The production of quality content, which exactly meets the search intent of Internet users, is essential to position yourself top. When we talk about content, we often say about all types of content: writing articles, videos, images, and audio. The results pages havebeen considerably enriched recently, offering you more opportunities to address your target.

  1. Popularity

As mentioned above, Google assigns a popularity rating to each website page: the PageRank. This score depends on the number and the quality of inbound links pointing to the page in question. Inbound links are a significant indicator of content quality and credibility for Google. Citations on authority and themed sites will send a positive signal to Google, further pushing your page up their rankings. Reaching the first page without acquiring backlinks on very competitive keywords with high search volume will be challenging.

In SEO, you will often hear about on-site vs. off-site optimizations. On-site referencing corresponds to all the optimizations required on your website, in other words, technical and content optimizations. Conversely, off-site optimizations include all optimization actions carried out outside the site. They allow you to work on the popularity of your pages. It mainly consists of developing net linking campaigns and, to a lesser degree, growing your presence on social networks.

seo services australia

The different versions of SEO

The evolution of the Google algorithm and the SERPs have led to the appearance of several versions of SEO, each corresponding to precise SEO techniques.

Local SEO

Local referencing is a strategy allowing businesses and convenience stores to increase their visibility on search engines when Internet users carry out geolocated searches for products or services. For example: “restaurant in Paris 15th”.

Global SEO

International SEO concerns companies that operate in several countries and have a multilingual site or several sites in different languages. The referencing techniques guarantee that each site is well referenced on the search engines corresponding to each country. For example: google.au, google.co.uk, google.com.

VSEO (video SEO)

VSEO is the acronym for “Video Search Engine Optimization.” As its name suggests, this combines all the techniques for adequately referencing your videos on search engines and social media such as Youtube.

Image SEO

Google image is a significant source of traffic. This trend will increase with Google’s stated intention to place more emphasis on a visual and contextual search through Google Lens and its new “MUM” algorithm.

SEO Google News

Google News is a significant source of traffic for news sites, and the media often monetize this audience. Therefore, their presence on Google News is crucial and is built thanks to optimizations specific to Google News (AMP format, structured data, author page, a google news sitemap, etc.).

ASO (App Store Optimization)

ASO refers to all optimization techniques to increase the visibility of an application within an application store.

SEO jobs

Who says new discipline also says new professions. The appearance of SEO in the 2000s created unique needs in terms of natural referencing. Service companies and e-commerce sites are gradually turning to freelance SEO consultants or natural referencing agencies to improve their visibility on the web. SEO calls for advanced skills that often require the support of a professional. The service offer is plethoric, and it is sometimes difficult to choose. It is therefore essential to focus on specific criteria to select the right SEO agency.

SEO works hand in hand with developers and digital SEO company Australia in charge of creating the website and with web editors responsible for producing SEO-optimized content.

On many occasions, some observers announced the death of SEO because of the prominence of paid ads. The appearance of voice search or the trend of zero clicks on the SERPs. SEO services Australia has survived all these upheavals and is not about to be dead. It just evolves. It is the essence of digital marketing to develop and adapt and to create the best SEO company Australia.

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