Wedding Wood Flowers vs. Natural Flowers

Flowers are essential in any wedding, regardless of the chosen theme. They are everywhere, from the bride and groom’s bouquets to candles and hall decorations, and everyone loves them. Many people have concerns regarding the choice of natural or wedding wood flowers. Many couples turned to wildflowers, while others preferred DIY flowers for wedding. Interestingly, a percentage of 23% of the bride and groom made a combination of the two types of flowers. To understand the advantages of natural and artificial flowers, specialists have some exciting things to reveal.

The Advantages of Wedding Wood Flowers

The fragrance of natural flowers, especially on a memorable day like your wedding, can play an important role. Many couples say it will remind them, even 20 years from now, of the most special day of their lives. A bouquet of the chosen flowers will represent a bridge over time and a perfect opportunity for reminiscing. Or even a habit of the soul on every birthday. There is something magical about touching and enjoying the scent of your favorite flowers, but not so good if you are allergic to them. Even if they cannot be smelled, the charm of wedding wood flowers remains over the years.

Why Opt for DIY Flowers for Wedding

Why choose DIY flowers for wedding? Because one of the most significant advantages they have is a lower cost. Also, numerous locations or specialized companies allow the rental of arrangements made of artificial flowers. They can even be found in the offer of an event hall or restaurant, especially if you opt for an all-inclusive offer. You may also want a specific type of flowers for your wedding, which is not available during the chosen period. Peonies or hydrangeas, for example, are very hard to find flowers in autumn or winter.

In addition, even if you identify a supplier that imports them, it is risky to include them in bouquets or arrangements when the temperatures are lower because you risk them wilting very quickly or freezing. In addition, nowadays, the artificial flower arrangement industry has evolved a lot, and sometimes, the differences may not even be noticeable to your guests. And you have the guarantee that, throughout the event, you will be able to enjoy beautiful wedding wood flowers in perfect condition.

Keep Your Bouquet for Years

Many brides want to keep the bouquet without it being affected by time. If you want the same thing, it is recommended that you talk to a designer and choose the artificial flowers that you will always enjoy. Beyond the above arguments, listen to your soul and order your priorities. Remember a preliminary discussion with the chosen supplier, especially if you want to collaborate with a specific floral decorator. Some specialists work only with natural flowers and do not accept to make any compromises, but companies also specialize in DIY flowers for a wedding at the level of art.

Study the list of providers you find locally, online, and through recommendations to make the best decision. If you have started the preparations for the wedding, you are undoubtedly thinking about the central arrangements for the guests’ table. Most couples prefer grand floral arrangements from several types of flowers, either wedding wood flowers or natural ones. However, artificial flowers are increasingly popular, presenting a series of advantages, both for guests and for the bride and groom. See both characteristics and then choose the one that best suits your needs. No matter what you choose, you will have a fantastic event.

Artificial Flowers Can Be Reused

It is known that a spectacular wedding is expensive, but how would it be if some investments were not limited to this one day? Using DIY flowers for a wedding as centerpieces at the guests’ table will allow you to keep them and use them to decorate your new home or even for other parties you will organize. In the case of natural flowers, this aspect is impossible, withering the next day. Leaf artificial flowers are created with great care to combine shades and reproduce natural textures, thus being as realistic as natural ones.

Moreover, artificial flowers with realistic appearances will look fresh both at the beginning of the party and towards the end. If, in terms of food allergies, the guests can choose to taste or not from the dishes served, in terms of allergies to pollen or other floral components, they may or may not participate in the wedding or ask for a special place. Thus, to avoid such situations and allow all the guests to enjoy the party, you should opt for the wedding wood flowers option.

No Insects to Bother You

This aspect is essential, mainly if the planned party occurs outdoors. Natural flowers attract insects, which creates discomfort for guests. You eliminate this risk by choosing a DIY flower arrangement for a wedding. Decorating the wedding ceremony and reception venue gives guests a sense of how the party will go and what to expect. Therefore, remember the type of celebration you intend to choose before you start decorating. So that the organization is more easily coordinated with the event, choose an online florist for a flower order at your home; the delivery saves precious time.

Round-shaped flowers such as roses and hydrangeas are perfect for churches because of their elegance, perfection, and gentleness. A floral arrangement in a church with a modern interior should be linear or L-shaped. Even though the church’s architecture significantly influences the arrangement and species of flowers used for the wedding decoration, there are also standard rules that can be applied in principle to any place. The color of wedding wood flowers most often chosen by newlyweds is white, which harmonizes with the color of the wedding dress.

A civil wedding gives you more opportunity to be more creative when decorating. However, most DIY flower arrangements for a wedding should be placed in the center of the event. Putting flowers on the top of the table and the sides would be an excellent idea. The decoration’s appearance also depends on where the wedding will take place; is it inside or outside? In addition to wedding table arrangements, it is recommended to use candles that will make the ceremony atmosphere more comfortable and add character to the evening celebration.

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