Us Apparels Take Over The Market As The Us Imports Surged, Creating More Business Opportunities For Traders And Manufacturers

In 2020, the total import value of US apparel was estimated at $38.2 billion. USA import data by country show in the year 2020 and 2021, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and China were among the top importing  Asian countries to import Apparel from the US.

The total import value of the United States was estimated at $3,138.16 billion and $3,125.22 billion for the years 2018 and 2019 respectively. Us recorded a decline of 0.41% in its total import value while comparing it to the imports of 2018.


India$1.54 Billion
Bangladesh $1.68 Billion
Vietnam$7.41 Billion
Guatemala$1.08 Billion
Jordan$1.14 Billion
China$9.34 Billion
Cambodia$2.19 Billion
Indonesia$1.95 Billion
El Salvador$1.20 Billion
Honduras$1.60 Billion


The given data is based on the US import-export trade data, as you can see china was the top importing country with an import value of $9.34 billion to import apparel from the US during 2020 followed by Vietnam and Cambodia with an export value of $7.41 billion and $2.19 billion respectively.

Countries such as Germany and China have recorded a massive increase in their imports of apparel. The United States is at the top. According to the US export data, in Nov 2021, the US recorded an increase of 25.2% in its total global imports value compared to the last year.

The United States has a huge amount of manufacturing power and resources to manufacture laborers and apparel. But manufacturing apparel and clothing on its own is comparatively expensive and that is why the US imports apparel and clothing from countries such as Bangladesh and China.

This is because these countries have low labor costs, and can manufacture and produce clothing and apparel at cheaper costs. In 2019, the US imports of apparel and textile accounted for 75.3% of its total import value making the US the largest consuming country of apparel goods in the world.

USA Trade Statistics 2021 (NOV)

  • Total Trade Balance of the USA was recorded at $-80200 million in Nov 2021
  • The total imports value of the USA was recorded at $304388 million in Nov 2021
  • The total exports value of the USA was recorded at $224245 million in Nov 2021


Stats RelatedMonth & Year Value in USD ($)
Trade BalanceNovember 2021$-80200.00 Million
Total ImportsNovember 2021$304388.00 Million
Total ExportsNovember 2021$224245.00 Million
Current AccountNovember 2021$-214774 Million


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