Top Tips to Save Your House Cleaning Time

Everyone’s favorite place is their own house where after a long day of work, they return and breathe a sigh of relief. But what if it is unclean? In our busy lifestyle, houses cannot be kept so clean easily if there is no professional house cleaner at home. Although a clean house is crucial for leading a healthy and normal life, it may not be possible to put everything in order at the end of the day always. However, it is possible to solve this problem immediately if you know some simple tips and tricks. Let’s take a look at a few easy and time-saving ways to clean faster and effectively.

The Right Dusting Material: You may avoid keeping professional house cleaners at home if only you take the help of the right cleaning tools. All types of glass and Thai glass, including doors and windows or showcases, requires a piece of sponge or foam soaked in water. You can mix a small amount of vinegar or ammonia with water. Now soak the old newspaper in a mixture of vinegar and water and wipe it well – the shiny feeling of the glass will come back. However, if you clean it with a cotton cloth, the opposite can happen.

Start Cleaning from the Top: All the expert house cleaners follow this Top to Bottom rule to avoid extra time and energy. Suppose you want to dust the dressing table or other furniture, then start sweeping from the top. This will reduce the dirt on the top and you can easily clean the bottom. You will manage to save time as well as your hard work.

Clean the Carpet: Many people nowadays have carpets on the floor. But dirt and dust accumulate on the carpet the most. Instead of house cleaners, you may depend on a vacuum cleaner to do the perfect job for you. Do not clean the carpet with a broom, it is more likely to be allergic to dust on the nose and mouth. Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner at least once a week. Carpet cleaning is a very difficult subject. Sprinkle a little bicarbonate soda on it and leave it for 15 minutes. Then sweep with an evaporator tool or broom. You can also use a special ‘dry shampoo’.

Cleaning Furniture: Water mixed with detergent is sufficient for washing stainless steel and plastic furniture. However, water should never be used to clean furniture made of wood, bamboo, cane, hardboard or Partex. In that case, a dry cloth or mop is enough to remove dust. If necessary, you can put a separate mop in each room – under the bed, behind the door or on the veranda. You can also cut and rub potatoes to remove scratches on any furniture, quite effective.

Floor Cleaning: Use a floor mop or floor brush to clean mosaic or tiled stone floors. In that case, use a special type of soap (solid or liquid) to clean the floor, but never use detergent powder. Wear hand gloves like professional house cleaners to avoid dry hands.

Keep the Fridge Fresh: The fridge can be cleaned regularly with care. First, you have to switch off the fridge and disconnect the electricity. Now wash the inside of the fridge with water mixed with vinegar or dishwashing detergent. An important tip is that never use an ice knife to stick to the fridge, as this can damage the fridge.

Food Waste Management: House cleaning gets easy if you can manage your food waste well. Vegetables or food waste should be kept in a specific basket in the kitchen. In that case, keep two separate garbage bins for the disposal of wet and dry garbage. Wrap the inside of the basket with polythene so that it can be taken away with the polythene. Regularly clean the dirt basket, wash it well and dry it.

Do Your Dishes: After washing the dishes, wipe with a dry clean napkin or soft towel to prevent stains. To make the kitchen sink shiny, mix half a grape, a little salt and rub it with a sponge.

Take Care of Water Faucets: Many times the water faucet or the tape is broken – it is very difficult to open or close the tape. In this case, dip a cloth in hot vinegar and wrap it in water, you will get the benefits.

Maintain Bathroom Hygiene: You can clean the bathroom with ordinary detergent or harpic. You can keep a specific garbage basket in the bathroom to dispose of used tissues, soap or shampoo wrappers etc.

Dusting Plants: Dust also accumulates in the indoor plants. How to clean? According to expert house cleaners- First, prune the dead leaves and stalks of the tree. Dust can make the leaves look dirty. Spray water, leaf dust will be removed. Then wipe the leaves with coconut oil on a tissue or cotton cloth to bring back the shiny look. A type of bottled liquid called Leaf Signer is available in the market. Spray well and the gloss of the leaves will return. It also contains essential nutrients for plants.

Clean the Cleaning Tools: Your house cleaning tools also need proper cleaning. So, after cleaning the house, the house cleaning tools and wiping cloth should be washed well and kept dry. This will keep your house germ free.


In this modern and busy life, we have options to hire house cleaners from different agencies and take their home cleaning services but it will not be mandatory if you take a little time out and share the time to clean one thing at a time in the house following above-mentioned house cleaning tips. Then maybe it will be easier for you to keep the house clean and tidy!

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