Top 6 UI/UX Challenges in Building a Financial App

Top 6 UI/UX Challenges in Building a Financial App

Advent and new technologies have completely revolutionized the banking sector. According to a recent check, 46 of individualities love to use digital channels to meet their fiscal conditions. Indeed though the Fintech sector has witnessed numerous up and down over the once decades. But it has clearly come the lifeline for multitudinous businesses and the fiscal world. Hence, it’s vital to avoid UI/ UX miscalculations in developing fiscal apps. 

 As a result, Fintech- grounded mobile app development companies are approached to develop outstanding apps and retain the maximum druggies. Fiscal apps have given another dimension to mobile fiscal services, and the competition is getting tighter day by day. 

 Convenience, enjoyment, speed, and ease are rewriting the history of mobile app druggies. There are still plenitude of banks that follow traditional banking and are floundering hard to digitize their services. While there are multitudinous Neobanks that have snappily surfaced. Hence, it has changed the entire rules for the game. 

 Bill Gates formerly quoted, “ Banking is necessary; banks are not. ” Now whether you mark it as an auspice or not, the current script nearly resembles this statement. Dragooned by new trends, utmost fiscal sectors and institutions seek a ultramodern banking process and ultramodern financial. New Coronavirus has further galvanized fiscal app development. 

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UI/ UX Designs for Fiscal Apps 

 Before we claw into the details of UI/ UX challenges, let us concentrate on the main conditions of Fintech apps. Fiscal apps must be clean and straightforward but must address the demand of guests fluently and efficiently. While developing the apps, you need to understand not every existent is tech- expertise. A Fintech- grounded mobile app development company has the experience and will concentrate on the UI/ UX rudiments. 

 The terms and textbook must be simple and accessible. 

 You must precisely choose the rudiments similar as sources, color palette, buttons, textbook alignment, etc. 

 Make sure to include essential authentication and abecedarian that safeguards the data of the stoner. 

 You must include disunion, especially for druggies who aren’t tech- expertise. This will help them to make any deals by mistake. 

 UI/ UX Challenges in Erecting a Fiscal App 

 Insufficient Stoner Exploration 

As per the AppsFlyer( reported in 2020), normal Fiscal apps lost$ in a month. Numerous druggies got to uninstall the app. For this, CleverTap remarked, “ Poor experience is the main reason for uninstalls ”. 

 The stoner exploration gives the introductory foundation for the entire UX design of the Fintech app. A Financial mobile app development company in Delhi will aim to develop a structured app design process. They know that stoner exploration is the abecedarian pillar of development practices. 

 You don’t need a general app. Hence, it’s recommended to have deep knowledge of stoner exploration. You can go for exploration methodologies rather than going for precious examinations. These methodologies include field exploration, A/ B testing, card sorting, focus group,etc. 

 Generally, the leading fiscal app development companies are employed with professionals. They’re complete in chancing the geste patterns and accumulate qualitative as well as quantitative data. 

 Questionable UIs 

 Indeed though there are specific and general rules or templates for UI design, but you mustn’t ignore the specific factors for Financial app development. Below are the crucial factors that you must concentrate on while developing Financial apps. 


 Indeed though this is a complicated niche, you must travel the redundant afar to give a clear result. Make sure to go for one- click payments/ transfers to simplify the task. These tasks shouldn’t have too numerous way. Other than this, you must keep minimal features that make the tasks complicated. This will help your stoner have easy navigation and also help you from performance issues and crashes. 


 This point will help you in acquiring sapience into which rudiments must admit attention. It can help you to optimize the app’s interface. Hence, it can address the issues and expand the conversion rate. 

 Farther, it’ll help you comprehend if your CTA is working duly or not. Hence, it’ll prop you in delivering a affable stoner experience. 

 Visual Cues 

It’ll act as a memorial and also allow your stoner to clear all the confusion. Visual Cues will give reference points from where the apps inflow. And therefore, the stoner will have a great understanding of how they got there and where they are. 

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 Whatever background, fountain size, or color palette you conclude for, insure it’s reliable and harmonious. Else, there are high chances that your druggies may find it complicated. Make sure to repeat the pattern continuously and maintain the style of the app inflow. 

 UX Accessibility 

You must develop an accessible UX design that includes special features. It’ll help your druggies in navigating through your Fiscal app easily. These features also allow simplicity, inflexibility, intuitiveness, shapes, colors, sizes, etc. To attain all the rudiments, we recommend using design rudiments like 

 Color discrepancy 

 Do n’t use loud colors to display critical information 

 Text to speech 


 Onboarding Optimization 

 One of the rudiments while designing the onboarding process is developing trust. You can try enforcing simple vids( in an animated way) about a process that works. Try adding a step- by- step companion displaying your app’s features and articulate the value proposition incontinently. 

 You must also insure to develop engaging apps to avoid any tedium. For illustration, you can guide your stoner about transactional doors, icons, action buttons, etc. 

 Proper Secure Systems 

 Security is one of the integral effects when it comes to the UX of the app. The druggies must feel secure and should know that their information wo n’t be mishandled. It’s recommended that you consider the ensuing practices 

 Secure rendering 



 Regulatory compliance 




 Do Not Make Finances Boring 

 Make sure to develop a fun and interactive fiscal app. This can help the stoner in engaging and associating with your app appreciatively. Gamification has proved itself to be an effective way to motivate druggies and stimulate relations. It’ll help in lowering down the entry walls while raising the stoner’s fidelity situations. 

 You can add rudiments like a price panel. Piecemeal from that, you can also induce a point system for the druggies who reach the corner. For case, you can initiate a price for those druggies who tried your new services. 

 Further, you can also award those druggies who have achieved particular investment pretensions or particular savings. Insure to give subscription abatements. 

 Companion to Design the UX of a Financial App 

 Start With Resolving the Problem of the Stoner 

 Relating the issue that design could attack is the original step. First and foremost, to resolve an issue, comprehend the environment of item/ product use. You must also empathize with your druggies. 

 Go for the design allowing approach; it can be executed then to characterize the issue which could be settled. This approach indeed allows you to check the issues through the customer’s eyes. 

 Get Into the Shoe of Your Customer 

 Arranging the operation highlights is not the right move for resolving the issue. Rather, make sure to aim for the stoner. What might appear like an insignificant issue to the fiscal authorities might turn into a significant problem for the guests. Be compassionate for your druggies. It’s essential to conduct the stoner’s geste, substantially where the druggies may go oblivious. 

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 Figure Out the Pain Points 

The data confirm that every business plan for an” ideal fiscal app”. Notwithstanding, because of the variety of the guests, indeed a single issue can dominate every ideal part of the Fintech App. 

 This is actually why it’s essential to figure out the Pain Points and limit the adverse consequences. The system involves testing the item/ product on guests to fete the pain points. It’s nominated “ Failure Mapping ”. Performing Failure Mapping will get you a companion of customer experience issues and how this can be fixed. 

 These pain points would help you to fix the UX designs. It’ll ameliorate the better experience for guests who belong to distinct demographics. Therefore, it’ll help you to collude druggies with different pretensions. 

 Mind Mapping 

Creating studies around the issue addressed is nominated mind mapping. For this, you need to record the focal issue in the middle. Define boundaries and make arrangements. Hence, it’ll join the deduced arrangements. Likewise, form thesub-branches from crucial studies. 

 Try Making Emotional Connections 

One must profoundly get this. Design isn’t how the stoner looks at your product but how the guests feel about your product. 

When designing an operation that will deal with cash, always remember that mortal beings are brutes, not prudent. The emotional association with the item/ product will help you to remain longer in the request. The achievement of the Fintech operation relies upon it as well. Without the association, anyhow of how astonishing the promoting systems are, the item won’t take off. 

An established mobile app development company in Bangalore will concentrate on these points. They can help you with inconceivable UI/ UX design for apps that bag you with the stoner’s love. But always remember, it’s a nonstop cycle.

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