Top 5 French Translation Services Providers in New York

It is well-known that New York is a hive of cultures and languages, including a significant French-speaking population. Curiously, while it is commonly accepted that there are at least 60,000 individuals whose first language is French, experts estimate that this figure could be much higher, nearing a million. This is largely due to the growing numbers of French Creole populations and other francophone heritage language speakers.

New York: Fun French Facts

  • Manhattan’s “Little Paris”, the area around 60th Street and Lexington Avenue, is so-called thanks to its multitude of French bakeries, wine bars, boutiques and Francophone institutions and cultural hubs.
  • There are close to 50 authentic French boulangeries (bakeries) in New York!
  • Owing to its large French population, there are numerous French education establishments in NYC, including the Lycée Français de New York and the Lyceum Kennedy French American School.
  • The city has a strong French media presence, with radio stations such as RFI (Radio France Internationale) and French-language publications helping to keep French speakers across the city up to date and informed.

French Translation Services in New York City: The Top Five

Today, the demand for high-quality French language solutions in New York is at an all-time high. However, with so many agencies to choose from, what should you look for to make sure you pick the most reliable and competent translation partner? To remove the stress from this minefield, we’ve put together a compilation of the top five French translation service providers across New York City. Each agency we’ve picked has a proven track record for delivering high-quality, nuanced translations, within budget and on time.

  1. Capital Linguists

Delivering optimal French translation services across the USA and beyond for many years, Capital Linguists owes its tremendous success to its large team of highly experienced, accredited French professionals. Its unique approach begins with a team member assessing the scope of genre of each translation assignment, to appoint the most appropriate linguist for each project.

Within its Francophone team, Capital Linguists has experts in the language’s many regional variations. These include dialects spoken in Canada, Switzerland and Belgium, but Capital Linguists also works with experts in variations of French that have developed across Africa, the Caribbean and even Vietnam, which has significant Francophone communities and influences. Capital Linguists takes the utmost care to ensure your translation is just right in its tone and register, incorporating regional differences where necessary. This agency perfectly understands that within communication, cultural sensitivity plays a vital role.

Alongside its extensive document translation services, Capital Linguists has many experienced French interpreters working across the New York metropolis. It has also acquired a nationwide reputation for its high-quality French localization, transcreation, subtitling and voiceover services.

  1. JR Language Translation Services

This translation company provides French document translations across New York. Specializing in business translation JR Language has experts in marketing, financial and business translation services.

  1. Link Translations

With over a decade’s experience in the sector, this translation company is a reliable choice. Offering a free, no-obligation quote, Link is happy to hear from new and existing customers.

  1. Day Translations

This agency offers first-class interpreting, localization and translation services, thanks to its team of French experts.

  1. TransLingua Translations

With offices in New York and Boulder, Colorado, TransLingua is a well-established agency that counts many French experts among its team.

If you need of high-quality French translators in the New York area and don’t know where to start, look no further. Our selection of the top five companies in the city will see you effectively communicating en français before you can say bonjour!

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