Tips to pick the right retail display for your store

‘First impressions’ are a great force that drives the retail industry. This means that you have to be very careful while deciding the layout, storefront, display, shopfitting equipment, cash counter, etc. Everything that a customer might capture at his/her first glance can influence their buying decision. For the perfect visual merchandising of your products, you must have the right equipment and custom fitting solutions.

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Your merchandise display directly influences the way customers look at your brand. For ensuring a positive reflection of your brand, you must employ effective shopfitting equipment or you can hire shop fitting manufacturers who can help erect a successful retail space. Some of the most common materials employed in retail displays include plastic, wood, metal, and glass. However, the choice of the materials goes beyond this. You also need to consider longevity, maintenance, and security.

  • Will you be needing a mobile or a stationary display?
  • Do you want to employ eco-friendly materials?
  • Do you need a secure display that provides additional safety to delicate merchandise?
  • How long do you want your retail display to last?
  • Do you want interactive or electronic elements to be included in your retail display?
  • Where exactly will your retail display be featured?

Here are some inspirational ideas and custom fitting solutions that can help you pick the right material for your retail display:

1. An efficient franchise storefront display

You can adorn your display utilizing the logo and motto of your own franchise. You can create an effective display by stating the intentions, brand objectives, and the quality of your merchandise. You can get creative with your storefront display and can come up with ways to introduce and teach about your brand to the visitors. While working on such a model you must keep in mind an exceptional brand experience throughout and functionality with a well-structured cash wrap.

2. Modular apparel display on wheels

You can ask your shop fitting manufacturers to deliver some creative and out-of-the-box equipment and displays that can make your store stand out from the crowd. Modular displays with wheels are very much trending in the clothing and apparel industry. These rollable displays highlight your products efficiently and leave a positive impression on the customers. Known to be very fluent & functional, these displays prove to be successful specifically for the apparel industry while providing branding imagery.

3. Promotional display

One of the most commonly adopted custom fitting solutions is a promotional display. In case you wish to display some promo products in your store, then you must find ways to spotlight them. One way of doing this is by placing promotional displays in your store in strategic places so that customers are able to capture their glimpse. You can also use more than one material in your display to grab the attention of the customers.

4. Nesting table display

Table displays work smoothly when it comes to enticing the customers. Nesting table displays add a tinge of versatility along with reversible countertops. There are plenty of options in this area. You can also pick moveable, reversible displays to utilize or maximize your budget and plan a retail store atmosphere that can be modified accordingly.

5. Personalized retail display cases

Placing some personalized retail display cases or high-quality shop fitting equipment in your retail store can drive additional conversions by adding a ‘wow’ factor. Such displays are very effective in grabbing the attention and educating your customers.

6. Urban, elegant display

Simplicity and minimalist design can uplift the aesthetics of your store. You can derive some elegantly urban and simplistically earthy layouts that can engage with the customers and ultimately boost your retail sales.

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