Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Window Displays That Attract Customers

There is one thing that is consistent across all retail locations, regardless of the products that they sell or the aspects of the retail industry in which they specialise: the requirement to create excellent window displays and display shelving solutions that attract customers’ attention.

Obviously, you can’t just throw some things out the window and consider the job finished! Setting up a window display to entice potential customers and highlight the goods or services you provide is an art form in and of itself. When it comes to putting together retail displays, here are a few pointers that we’ve discovered are always useful:


Prepare in Advance, and Do So in Detail:

Window displays, just like any other type of effective retail display or shelving solution or advertising design, require a solid plan in order to have the greatest impact. Determine what you want your display shelving solution to achieve by giving yourself some time (up to a month, if you’re in the mood for some real excitement) to think about it. What do you want people to take away from the display that you have in the window? Is it a sale that you are announcing, or just a collection of products? Is your shelving solution themed around an upcoming holiday or the time of year we are currently in, or is it more perennial in nature?

Don’t Lose Your Way!

It is important to create a focal point of your display shelving solution, regardless of the products that your store sells. Consider this question: where do you want the attention of the customer to be drawn first? When you are planning out your layout, grab a small shelving solution such as some wire shelving or metal shelving, and arrange your display in such a way that the products that are the most important or relevant are featured first.

Refine the Message You Want to Send

Any store, regardless of the products they sell, has something they want their customers to take away with them as a “message.” These can be things that are temporary and seasonal (for example, clothing for back to school versus clothing for the summertime), or they can be ideas that you want your store to convey (children’s clothing, maternity wear, and so on). Regardless of what it is, you want to make sure that it is communicated through the store. Make sure that the imagery, paint colours, and decorations that you choose are appropriate for whoever it is that you intend to attract to your business.

Be True to Your Brand

Be sure to set up your display in such a way that it continues to reflect the aesthetic values of your company, including its colours, images, and general disposition. Use more muted tones and items that are more “inviting” to give the impression that your business focuses primarily on providing warm and inviting home decor. If you run a business that is considered to be more “fun,” such as a store selling toys and collectibles, then bolder colours and more crowded displays will work just fine for you. No matter what you decide to do, just make sure that it accurately portrays the kind of experience that clients will have while shopping in your store.

…And Don’t Give Up On It

Obviously, it works both ways: if the theme of your window display is something specific, you want the rest of your store to stay consistent with that theme. Establishing a strong visual identity throughout the store can be accomplished by reusing signage, displaying items in a manner that is consistent with how they are displayed elsewhere in the store, and using colours that are similar. Who knows, if you make a window display that is impressive enough, maybe you’ll get the idea to decorate the rest of your store to match it!

Never make any assumptions.

Whatever it is that you decide to do to your retail store in the end, you should never presume anything about your customers. Don’t assume that they won’t be able to afford an item, don’t assume that they won’t understand your product, and most importantly, don’t assume that they won’t like you as a business owner. While it won’t do you any good to underestimate your customers, having faith in the quality of your products will do wonders for your business.

Finally, Don’t Forget to Have Some Fun!

Even though running your own company can be stressful at times, you still need to make time to laugh and enjoy life every now and then. This is especially important when it comes to arranging product displays. There is no window display that will stand the test of time, so just remember to enjoy yourself, use your imagination, and if you decide you don’t like it, take it down and start fresh!

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