Things To Know About Marijuana Seeds

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Are you interested in growing an entire Marijuana plant by yourself? Well, we are here for your help. Some of the best seeds around have specific characteristics to help you further grow your stock better.

Let’s try to decode some more about them. According to statistics, 24% of THC marijuana strains are Northern Lights Autoflowering, 16% of them are Northern Lights Feminized and 8% are AK auto-flowering. Out of these, only a quarter is Sativa genetics, and the risk is of Indica genetics.

In this blog, we cover a little about Where Can i Buy Marijuana Seeds, and how to deal with marijuana seeds.

The three basic Marijuana Seeds San Diego categories that we talk about are Pure love autoflowering. The THC level for the same is 10%, which helps in depression, pain, and any other kind of stress. When we talk about its flowering time, it takes around 50-60 days. Another category for Feminized Marijuana Seeds for Sale is AK autoflowering. The THC level here is 19%, treats patients with depression and physical pain.

Finally, the third kind of marijuana seed strain is the white widow autoflowering. Again, 50-60 days is the estimated flowering time. Growing such marijuana strains can never be easier! Also, with the legalization of growing weed seeds in Los Angeles, the growth and exposure have increased even further.

According to our research, here are some of the best Cannabis Seeds Los Angeles along with some of their benefits. First on the list, is Jack Herer. This strain is much renowned and gives rise to genetically strong generations. Consumers typically describe it as head-clearing and creative strain!

The second one on the list is Cookies Kush, which combines the OG Kush and GSC- resulting in highly potent strains. It is again one of the smoothest and constructive strains there are. Next comes, the Tangerine Power, which has a citrus aroma. This hybrid produces a nice euphoria, with complete body relaxation.

In all, there can be a huge list of these strains with the best possible characteristics. But we haven’t covered all of them for a reason. Since there can be multiple reasons why and for what purpose you need a marijuana strain, you can choose from the huge inventory from our website. Our products are highly qualified and potent. Feel free to get in touch with our experts to order the same today.


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