The Winter Is Coming And So Are The Ants! Get Pest Control Management today

Pest control in Finley is what you need


When winter approaches, the Australian continent is bathed in a kind of surreal beauty. It’s glory at its best. And while you may want to stay indoors with a warm cup of cocoa and some marshmallows roasting by the fire, the ants might cause you trouble.

Winter brings with it magic and ants. The magic can stay but the ants we will clear out of your way.

Total Pest Control – a total pest management company is committed to the cause of helping you make the most of the winters.

First up, here’s to understanding why the ants are a menace and the important question of why they even consider making your home their own during the winters.

The behaviour of ants and why winters are their time for picnics!

Ant colonies are hardly ever in your home. Yes, it may come as a happy shock. But, the critters usually have their spots at a distance from your home instead of within the confines of it. Every once in a while they make frequent trips into your space seeking food.

During the winters, the colonies tend to be inactive due to the cold outside and the critters and their trips tend to be more frequent as when conditions outside are unfavourable, those within the home are more welcome.

How can one prevent the problem of winter ants? 

Here are some tips on how you can prevent the ants from making their way into your space during the winters:

  • The solution you use for cleaning and wiping the kitchen counters and the table should have ammonia or bleach. This keeps the ants at bay.
  • Do not leave food lying out on the counters. Refrigerate when possible.
  • Use airtight containers to seal food when possible.
  • Keep a clean home. Ants love unhygienic spaces and thrive in these.

Total pest management is familiar with these behaviour patterns of the ants and thus has had success in eliminating them.

Pest control in Finley and the efficiency in getting rid of ants 

Total Pest Control operatives on the basis of a strategy:

  • Identify: This involves assessing the home and deciphering the kind of pests that need to be dealt with. A crucial stage, as the further treatment plan is done accordingly.
  • Treat: The pest control is carried out with environment-friendly solutions, that do not pose any harm to the people living in the home.
  • The point of no return: The experts during a pest control in Finley seal off all entry points that the pests may use to make a comeback. A meticulous and comprehensive pest control strategy is employed to ensure the pests never find their way back.

Pest control in Goorambat is just a call away

When winter arrives and the ants do, don’t wait for then. They multiply in hordes and the situation may get too intense by then.

What we recommend is to get pest control done before winter arrives. This will eliminate the entry points and the success of the critters to your home space. Even if a few do slip in during the winter, you can be assured that the numbers won’t be as insane as they would be otherwise. 2020-09-03.jpg

Pest control in Goorambat is a call away. Let the experts take charge and give your property a once-over before deciding on a plan of action. We highly recommend you doing pest control once in a while even if the pests are not a nuisance.

If eliminated in the early stages, the risk of them causing damage to property and destruction of your space is lessened.

We understand how much of a menace the critter scan wreak and hence a professional and certified exterminator is the best solution to the critter crisis.

Winter is meant for warm fires and snow fights and snuggling under comforters. Don’t let the ants mar this magic experience of yours.

Reach out to us today and let us show the critters where they really belong. Book your session soon!

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Total Pest Control - a total pest management company is committed to the cause of helping you make the most of the winters.

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