The Reasons to Consider Building Custom Granny Flats in Sydne

custom granny flats Sydney

It makes a difference to have an extra room, not to mention an entire construction. Perhaps not everyone knows about them, but custom granny flats Sydney are highly popular and have many uses. Their intended purpose is to house the elderly to keep them close to the family, but they can be quite versatile.

However, to get the most out of these constructions, it is necessary to find the right specialists to design them and to build them. A granny flat builder is necessary to obtain the best results, and to connect the house addition to all utilities, and separate it from the house. The main point is that people who live in the granny flat will be independent and have separate utilities.

What Are Custom Granny Flats in Sydney

If you plan to extend the living space and to invest in the home you already have, you should weigh in all possibilities, and the best outcome for you. It all depends on the available space, and how much money you are willing to invest in the project. Nevertheless, custom granny flats Sydney are a great options, because you can choose the desired style, how spacious the flat should be, how many rooms to add, and decide upon the purpose of the place.

A granny flat is basically a second dwelling on the property, functional and compact. In the beginning, the construction was aimed to keep the family together, to allow families to look after the elderly, while giving them some respected space. Nowadays, there are many other purposes, although the initial one remains available, because you can always house a member of the family that requires some care and attention.

On the other hand, the flat can be used to house guests when they come over, or allow the children to be independent while staying at home, saving some money if they decide to study or work in the same city. People who want a better return on investment can rent out the flat, and make an extra income. Since everything is separate, the custom granny flats Sydney can be adapted however you want, and rented to those interested.

A Granny Flat Builder Makes It Happen

Of course, as it happens in all occasions, to bring any construction to life, it is necessary to hire a highly experienced and skilled granny flat builder. Otherwise, you will end up frustrated, with an unfinished project, and with wasted time and money. It is not worth risking anything, especially when there are specialists in the field that know everything about these types of constructions and can assist clients who want to make the most out of their homes.

Granny flats require plans and designing, even building permits in some cases. They have to be connected to plumbing, the water supply, electricity, heating, and such. It is not like building an additional room, because typically a flat has a kitchen, bathroom, one or two rooms. This means it requires all necessities, and to fulfil all needs for someone who will live there permanently or periodically.

The benefits

Custom granny flats in Sydney are great if your children grew up, but they are not yet financially independent. They want to buy their own house, but don’t have the deposit.  Young adults living with their parents find it difficult to live their own lives and to be independent. Not to mention they suffer from lack of privacy and of feeling crowded in some situations.

One great solution for parents that have the necessary space within their homes and backyard or garden, is to build custom granny flats Sydney. Young adults will be separated from their parents, have their own space, and they get to visit one another just when they want to. When they decide to move out eventually, the parents can keep the flat and give it another purpose.

granny flat builder

Extra space for visitors

People who have a lot of visitors, friends or family members that come often for the weekends, holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, and such, need an extra room at least to accommodate everyone. How about an entire guest house instead of a guest room? The granny flat builder can provide all facilities for visitors to have everything they need, so they don’t rely too much on the owners’ schedule.

And when the flat is not used to house family members or friends, then it can be used to make an extra income. This means listing the space on different platforms and renting it out for various periods, short-term or long-term, however you please. You can pay off debts this way or have extra money for any expenses that come to mind. At least you will be living close by and keep an eye on everything.

Add Value to Your Property

No matter the reason you decided to build a granny flat and hire a granny flat builder, the truth is that you can add value to your property. In case you plan to sell the house at some point, it will be worth much more than initially estimated. This is because the extra rooms and features add up, and they make a difference. Everyone seeks extra living space, and it is even better when the additional construction is separated from the main house.

A granny flat builder can provide ideas, and help you design the entire project. The specialist will come by the house, analyze the available surface, listen to your requests and ideas, and then make an objective that is realistic and meets your needs and budget. It is best to get a quote as well, to find out from the beginning how much you need to invest in the project, and what services are included.

Once all arrangements are done, the builders can start to prepare the area and begin the construction. You can decide together with the specialists on the type of materials, windows, doors, flooring, roof, and even smaller details, such as the countertop.

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