The Importance of Proper Building Inspections

For the vast majority of people buying a house is the culmination of a long career in which they have worked hard and saved every dollar for the ultimate goal of owning their property. But what if your long-dreamed-of-home doesn’t meet your expectations? And most importantly, what if you discover discrepancies between what you expected and what you have found, only after you have already bought the property?

Proper building inspections can help you make the best decisions for your next home purchase. Isn’t it a shame to spend your hard-earned money on unnecessary repairs that could have been avoided if you used the services of a professional property inspections company before you bought the premises? In the following pages, we will try to explain the importance of proper building inspections and how they can help you save money which you could invest in your family’s success.

What Exactly Are Building Inspections?

In simplified terms, building inspections are assessments of the condition of a property. These types of inspections are only carried out by specialized firms that employ qualified inspectors, and they cover a wide range of factors that go into making up a house, from the condition of the roof or subfloors to finding hidden problems such as mold or vermin damage.

Property inspections are one of the most effective ways to negotiate the price of a property before you sign the sale and purchase contract with the owner. If the property inspections find hidden damage that will require a significant investment on your part then the price of this investment can be deducted from the seller’s asking price for the property, assuming you wish to negotiate with the seller in the first place.

Building inspections are also essential when checking a building for structural strength problems, or biological hazards that can make living in that space dangerous. Just think how devastating it would be for your morale and your wallet if you were to discover after you have already bought a building, that the house has water seepage under the foundation, and the whole structure is in danger of collapsing. It would be an enormous investment on your part that could easily have been prevented if you had used the professional services of a firm specializing in property inspections.

Making a Wise Financial Investment for Property Inspections

Are you convinced that the price asked by the seller is in line with the condition of the building? Are you so confident in your abilities to identify all the details necessary for a successful visual inspection? What happens if you miss something? How much money could you lose just because you didn’t want to use the services of a property inspections company?

The small defects that can be found during such an inspection can make all the difference when it comes to their impact on your pocket. Let’s say, for example, that you found a spot of mold on the inside wall of your property’s kitchen. You may very well ignore this small issue, but an inspector who specializes in this matter may be able to identify the problem further and provide you with the necessary recommendations in order for you to make the right decisions for your family.

What happens if the small spot of mold spreads behind the wall? What happens if mold has seeped into the ventilation system of the house? Mold is a carcinogen that can actually “eat” the wood structure of a home. Are you prepared to risk your family’s safety just to save a few dollars, which you risk losing anyway if the property requires unforeseen investment?

property inspections

A Price on the Rise

The median price of Australian homes has passed the $700,000 threshold, and the housing market appears to be on a steady rise. These sums are by no means small, and the rising cost of building materials and the price of skilled labor, make the prospect of high-quality property inspections more attractive than ever. It is estimated that the Australian property market has surpassed the $10 trillion mark, doubling in value in just ten years, but how confident are you that all these properties meet the highest standards of safety and comfort and are listed on the market at a price that matches the conditions they offer? Are you sure that at the end of the day you are paying exactly what you should?

Don’t Forget the Critters

Maybe the house you found is in excellent condition both technically and aesthetically. Maybe it’s exactly the home you’ve been wanting but you still notice something odd. The cereal boxes in the kitchen show bite marks, and at night you hear persistent noises from inside the walls. Congratulations, you’ve probably just discovered a pest invasion. Get your wallet out because there’s a whole adventure ahead that will cost more than you probably expect. And for what? For not paying attention to little details that anyone could have missed? It’s not your fault that you didn’t notice the small touches that could have made a pest infestation obvious, but if you used the professional services of a company that specializes in pest inspections then you could have avoided this problem altogether.

Use the Help of Professionals

In the end, it all comes down to your time and the money you are willing to spend. You may be interested in buying a property even if it has a few defects, but at least once you have a report from a specialized inspector, you could negotiate the final price of the house and adjust your budget to cover the necessary repairs. When it comes to the real estate market, where prices rise astronomically from one day to the next, unfortunately, you no longer have the luxury of not being able to afford a professional home inspection before you buy the property. You can’t simply trust the information provided by the seller, nor should you assume that any house you inspect must also be your final home. The responsibility of a home inspection company is to help you make the best financial decision for your family’s future and this will always be a good investment on your part.

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