The Differences a Cat Scratcher Makes and Why Buy One

Having a pet at home is highly rewarding. You get to benefit from their infinite love and companionship, and your life quality increases as well. There is nothing better than having a furry friend around, one that is always happy to see you, wants to play with you, and enjoys every moment in your home. Looking after a pet is essential, and you should buy all sorts of supplies, especially high-quality food, and Meals for Mutts is a good example.

The principle applies to all animals, no matter the type you have. Of course, cats and dogs are the most common, because people love their active nature, how entertaining they are, and how they always love to surprise their owners. However, some owners don’t like the idea of having their furniture scratched, and they always get angry when this happens. The solution is to invest in a suitable cat scratcher.

A Cat Scratcher Is Essential in Every Home

Cats scratch and this is in their DNA. You cannot stop them to do this, because it is their way of interacting with the environment and even with other cats. A cat scratcher  keeps their claws healthy, so they can catch prey, or in case of domestic cats, to catch toys and protect themselves. The activity helps them stretch their muscles and backs, and you will witness this after they wake up from their naps.

Instead of getting angry that your feline friend has scratched the furniture or something you love, you should invest in a cat scratching post. There are so many models on the market these days, vertical, horizontal, designed from different materials, so you will certainly find something that works. It helps to observe your pet’s behavior and how they usually scratch, in order to purchase the right model.

Your feline might already tell you what they would like as a cat scratcher. For instance, if your carpet is being scratched, then consider buying a horizontal scratcher and if your pet prefers the arm of the couch, or to climb around to stretch, then you should get a vertical model. As for materials, some of the most common ones are cardboard, carpet, and sisal. You can start with a cardboard scratcher, as this model is cheaper, and then see how it reacts.

Quality Food Makes a Difference

Moving on to food, as it happens with humans, pets need to eat right, a nutritional and balanced diet to get all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Unfortunately, most of the foods you find nowadays are highly processed and contain many preservatives and chemicals. In time, your pet will start experiencing health issues, and you can start seeing the signs on their fur, teeth, and digestive system. Luckily, Meals for Mutts is here to make a difference.

The products from the brand are all natural, and they strive to provide your companion a healthy and happy life. Some allergens available in pet foods include wheat, dairy, soy, and corn. These cause allergies, and many specialists recommend to avoid them. The formulas provided by this brand are highly digestible, and contain probiotics for a powerful immune system.

Premium food varieties

Meals for Mutts develops nutritious and delicious meals for cats, dogs, and puppies. The ingredients sourced are raw and packed in Australia. The quality process is very rigorous, and the ingredients are of high-quality, so you can rest assured that your furry friend benefits from the best products and the most delicious taste.

Meals for Mutts also include essential oils in their formulas, which are highly recommended for healthy skin and coats, and for assuring flexible joints and bones. Some of the meat varieties available include chicken, lamb, goat, and kangaroo. For a better weight control, lighter options exist, such as turkey and ham.

Meals for Mutts benefits

Due to the available ingredients and great taste, Meals for Mutts offers a complete balanced diet. The makers care a lot about the nutritional value in all products, and provide pet owners the chance to purchase meals rich in protein and low in fillers. Many formulas are hypoallergenic, so that pets have a better response to allergies.

You can purchase the products from pet shops, and you can give you dog or cat various alternatives to try. You will soon find out that they will not get enough of the taste and want more. Whenever you buy food for your companion, always read the labels, and know what key ingredients brands include in the formulas. You want to have your pet around for many years, thriving and being healthy.

How to Choose a Cat Scratcher

Whenever you are on the market for a cat scratcher, you need to consider sturdiness. Especially if you buy a vertical scratching post, make sure it does not wobble or tip over, otherwise your cat will not use it anymore. If you already have one and want to secure it better, add some screws at the base. A large cat will put more pressure on the post, and it is a good idea to invest in a high-quality one from the beginning.

Consider size as well, because a scratching post that is too small or too short for your feline will not be very useful. Larger is better, because your furry friend will climb, stretch, and try to reach the top in many ways. Horizontal scratcher should be wider, so that cats can easily walk on them and even lay around. If they like the surface, they will not only scratch it, but also use it as a relaxation spot.

Even if you have one cat, it is a good idea to purchase several scratchers and put them around the house. One should be around their sleeping area, so they can stretch and scratch once they wake up, and one should be around the area that your cat usually scratches, to drift its attention. To encourage your pet to use it, use treats or put some cat nip on the surface.

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