Structural Designers In Chennai

Structural Designers In Chennai

structural designers in chennai Our Insight and  Service Are Very   Excellent Keeping the Everlasting Imperatives of Value


About us

Structural Designers In Chennai for consulting services in India and around the world. We are dedicated to providing our clients with modern designs to address their needs within the design sector. We have designed some amazing structures like Chirai Palace, Jumbo Jetty & many more. Some of them are built into prominent buildings in various countries, like World Trade Centre (Wtc), Prakash Javadekar Stadium, The New Parliament building, etc. But it’s not just about designing high-end projects only. We design low-end projects as well. We make sure that what we design meet our deadlines and bring out amazing results. We believe in ‘The Best Designs of All Time!’, Which can never go out of style. We don’t think twice on whatever we do! So, we believe this is one of the major reasons which makes us so popular in the market and we will work hard for you to make your dreams a reality.

We will be happy to help you bring home your dream structure with our quality design solutions and plans.


I am an Architect by profession. I got my Bachelor in Civil Engineering from the National Institute Of Technology Bombay (NITB) where I studied under the guidance of eminent professors like Nair Bhaskar, V K Deshpande & B Srivastava. As such, I have worked on several national architecture projects and helped many private and public organisations in executing their ideas. With over 20 years experience, I am now working as a consultant at  with over 15 years of architectural expertise and hands on experience. My main areas of interest include Industrial and Transport Systems, Urban Regeneration etc. Alongside my industry knowledge and extensive industrial experience, I am also very much familiar with corporate planning and design management. It is my personal passion to develop stunning structures and environments which inspire people to live a better life. That’s why my career motto is to be able to create beautiful structures but at the same time keep up with times and provide solutions for any problems faced by people.

My team & team members

Our team comprises of professionals who make it easy for you to reach our company. They are all experts in a particular field. Each has worked on numerous projects in their respective fields and they are already familiar with the challenges of each project. Our team consists of 8 individuals. 2 architects, 3 interior designers, 4 builders, 1 engineer, 2 interior designers and 2 MEPs. Apart from their technical skills and experience they all have something else — a personality. Many are passionate about keeping the requirements, tastes & demands of future customers in mind, while others prefer to focus on creating unique spaces, which people look forward to visit again and again again. What sets us apart from the crowd is our customer centric approach to architecture. And because we understand our client from scratch and get to know their requirements before starting any project. This enables us to build exceptional projects which are not only unique to you, but also stand out against the competition. To enhance this level of service, I have taken training courses in Lean Six Sigma, Agile Methodology and SCOUT methodology. The courses helped us improve our process speed and reduce waste. Also, I have attended training at Tata Elxsi which taught me everything needed for a perfect customer centric approach. These courses also provided me insights that I would have never thought about otherwise. We believe this is crucial for our success as an agency. We also have access to renowned professionals in this field like Anand Kumar Nagarajan, M Sridhar, H S Ravi Teja, N Sathish, B D Ravi Srinivasan and GV Manoj Kumar Yadav who guide us through every step of the way. For the last 5 years I have been associated with Arpita Architects who are producing exquisite infrastructure projects around Delhi NCR. Being part of the Arpita family means I have access to wonderful professionals in urban space. This allowed me to learn how it works from their perspective. Their guidance during my studies gave me confidence on being able to execute architectural ideas efficiently.

We’ve always believed in putting our client’s needs first and they are always satisfied with our solutions and plans.

Today, we are proud to have a large portfolio of completed and upcoming projects across different locations and sectors of the economy including Central Railway station, Aditya Hospital, Government College of Education and many more. We have designed residential complexes at the Lutyens Memorial Auditorium, St Xavier Catholic Church of Rajasthan, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan High School in Jaisalmer, Aluminium Complex at Ashoka campus etc. On demand basis, we will deliver high-quality projects on short lead times and on budget to support ambitious public projects. If you need help or would like to discuss your idea or request for proposals, please contact us through mail

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