Reasons Why Students Aren’t Showing Up for Virtual Classes

In synchronous learning, students and instructors will be at a distance, but the teaching-learning process happens simultaneously, with everyone attending the weekly classes virtually. Though the classes happen at the same time each week and the timetable is fixed, many students skip them for various reasons.

Many students who fail to attend virtual classes prefer to hire online class takers to complete the course. Here is a list of the top reasons why students fail to show up for virtual classes.

1. Technical Difficulty

The technical issues they face are among the most common reasons for students not showing up for virtual classes. Students who take up online education are expected to be equipped with a certain amount of technological knowledge, failing which they may have issues accessing the class. Moreover, there are also connectivity problems, which make it increasingly difficult for them to connect to their virtual classes.

2. Other Commitments

Many students who opt for the online mode of education have other commitments like a job, a regular college course, or household commitments, like in the case of single parents. Chances are high that they are not used to juggling different activities, so that they may miss the classes. In many cases, it could also be due to time management issues.

3. Lack of Conducive Environment

Many students do not attend virtual classes because they will have to take the course from home, where the atmosphere may not be conducive to learning. It can be the noise around, especially for students who experience a lack of academic support at home. The reason could be the clutter at home, which can be pretty embarrassing for the student. Researchers have found that the learning environment influences the learning process and helps motivate a child.

4. Lack of Motivation and Increased Stress

Even though students of synchronous learning have the advantage of meeting their teachers and peers regularly, virtual classes are inadequate compared to regular classrooms. It does not give the students space to interact due to time restraints. Students who face difficulty in focusing tend to skip virtual classes. Moreover, teachers also work with limited resources. All these factors lead to a lack of motivation and increased stress in students of online learning.

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