Probate and Selling a House in Texas: Here’s What You Should Know

If a family member passed away recently, you might have to prepare yourself to go through the probate process in Texas. Probate helps distribute the deceased’s assets fairly, following their will. If you have recently inherited a property in Texas going through probate, you may be wondering if you can sell the property. This guide provides you with everything you need to know about selling a probate property in Texas.

What Is Probate?

Probate is the legal process for determining the authenticity of a deceased person’s will. When a property is in probate, it goes through various legal procedures to ensure that the will is executed fairly. The probate usually involves the will’s executors, lawyers, and property inheritors.

Probates tend to be much smoother if the deceased has left a genuine, legally-executed will. However, if the person who passed away doesn’t have a will, the probate process is lengthy and complicated as the probate court decides how the assets will be distributed.

Can I Sell a House Under Probate in Texas?

As long as you’re the executor of the will and the property is not bequeathed to a beneficiary, you can sell the property to pay probate expenses. Once the property is sold, the probate court splits the proceedings uniformly among all beneficiaries as per the will.

What Are the Options to Sell a House in Probate in Texas?

Selling a house during the probate process is usually challenging. If the house has been empty for a while, it may be in disrepair. It’s a good idea to explore other options beyond a traditional sale. Selling a home through a real estate agent is time-consuming and expensive, and not all beneficiaries may agree to it. The better option is to sell via cash home buyers in Texas, property investors, or house flippers.

Option 1: Cash Buyers

You may have seen signs that advertise, “We buy houses in Texas” around town. These companies are cash home buyers who can purchase your home in any condition. The best part is that you can complete the sale quickly and get paid in cash, sometimes even within a week. If you’re looking to sell a house fast in Texas and don’t have the luxury of waiting, cash buyers are your best choice. They can purchase your home in any condition and handle all the costs themselves, helping you make a good profit, especially on houses in probate.

Option 2: House Flippers

House flippers are people or companies that buy distressed homes, fix them, and sell them for a profit. The biggest drawback of house flippers is that they do not purchase all properties. They are more likely to be interested in your home if it’s in a good location and doesn’t have major structural issues or massive repairs.

Option 3: Property Investors

Property investors are similar to cash buyers and purchase properties to either fix them up, rent them, or resell them. Property investors can either be companies or individuals. Their interest in the property will likely depend on its condition.

Selling a home in probate can be complicated. The best option is to get a competitive cash offer for your inherited home in Texas, bypassing the complex legal procedures of probate.

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The author manages a real estate investment business in Texas and helps homeowners looking to sell a house fast in Texas for cash.

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