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The scientific community has always been insisting on the use of renewable sources of energy in a sustainable and efficient way. This comes as no surprise when you consider the fact that our planet is facing an environmental crisis with pressing major issues such as global warming, melting polar ice caps and climate change.

The use of non-renewable sources of energy has a negative impact on the environment and additionally, it costs a lot! With the ever rising prices of non-renewable resources, the cost of electricity also increases considerably. This leads to heavy costs in your electricity bills, possibly burning a hole in your pockets each month.

So what if there was a renewable source of energy that is 100% eco-friendly and you can use it to meet your electrical power needs and also make massive savings through it?!

Sounds surreal?

The reality is solar energy!

Solar energy is the cheapest source of energy in the world and is the best way to adopt a sustainable and energy-efficient way of life.

This is the very reason why solar power systems have gained widespread prominence in Australia and even the government is offering several rebates and incentives to encourage Australians to go solar and include solar power systems into their households and workspaces.

The Importance of a Solar System Australia


Let’s address something very clearly. The non-renewable sources of energy are highly unreliable and not feasible if you want to save money through your electricity bills. With the high existing utilisation rate of fossil fuel all over the globe, it is widely speculated that we will run out of coal and natural gases in the matter of just 5 decades or so.

It is worth noting that Australia holds a  ranking of 20th in the list of the world’s primary consumers of energy and our consumption of non-renewable sources of energy such as coal, gas and oil figures up to a whopping 96 % of our total consumption of energy. On the other hand,  we utilise non-renewable sources of energy in order to generate around 91% of the total energy in Australia.

But adopting solar energy into our daily lives gives us the opportunity of going green and eco-friendly, thereby contributing to the protection of the earth and ensuring a better tomorrow. The importance of going solar cannot be justified enough. In today’s world, we have become so overly dependent on electricity generated through non-renewable sources of energy that if we as a country do not go solar on a large scale by 2060, we might run out of ways to keep electrical energy for our future generations.

But there is good news! The Victorian government is dedicated to various rebates and incentives for the people of VIC, and making it easy for all to go solar and adopt a sustainable way of life.

For instance, rebates such as the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme is an excellent means for Victorians to adopt solar power systems in VIC and enjoy massive savings on electricity bills. Furthermore, in the process of going solar, you can be supremely proud to be an eco-friendly and sustainable citizen of the country and reduce your carbon footprint on the planet.

After all, let’s be honest… the magnitude of problems that we are daily causing to nature through the excessive utilisation of fossil fuels is huge. So let us take responsibility for our planet and go solar!

Benefits of Solar Panels Australia


  • Zero costs involved in the production of energy
  • A hugely positive impact on the environment
  • Easy and hassle-free installation process
  • Tremendous savings on electricity bills
  • Less reliance on the power grid
  • Highly economical and energy-efficient for your living space (home or office)
  • Convenient for both residential and commercial establishments
  • A clean, green and sustainable source of energy
  • You can use solar energy even during events such as power outage, nightfall, overcast weather and peak hours of energy production
  • Hardly any wastage of water throughout the operation
  • Zero dependence on nonrenewable sources of energy
  • It is the cheapest source of energy

The Rise of Renewable Energy Projects Australia

The widely expected solar boom is here upon us and as such, the time is right for people of Australia to go solar and incorporate solar power systems into their homes and business spaces.

On that note, as the consumption of energy in commercial establishments is higher than the consumption in residential establishments, business owners should make it a priority to take effective steps in the incorporation and installation of solar power systems in their commercial establishments.

With the ever rising difference between regular and solar energy cost, it is the ideal time for both homeowners and business owners to switch to residential and commercial solar panels Australia respectively.

By opting for a clean and green source of energy, you can not only reduce their energy bills to negligible but if done right, then you can also store excess produced energy and supply that to the grid. This will solve the energy crisis of Australia to a vast extent and significantly reduce our carbon footprint, ultimately helping you embrace a better tomorrow.

The contribution of Your Green Planet to Energy Savings Schemes

Your GreenPlanet is one of the leading solar companies dealing in components of the solar power system. Our commercial solar panels are highly reliable and efficient which will help you produce green energy on your rooftop. It is our priority to provide our clients with the best service hence we provide you with only top brands from around the globe. For all your solar energy and solar system needs, look no further than Your Green Planet.

As responsible inhabitants of planet Earth, we are concerned about its health and are trying our best to aid it with our service. If you need high quality and dependable solar panel Australia  Australia, Your Green Planet has got you covered with unmatched service unlike any other.

Why Choose Your Green Planet for your Solar System Australia needs?


  • Achievement of several accreditations such as Quality Management System, Safety standard AS/NZS 4801:2001 and further Clean Energy Council
  • CEC approved retailer
  • Expert solar instalment services for easy, efficient fand smooth solar system installation
  • More than 1500+ solar system Australian installations
  • Wide range of high-quality solar products to choose from
  • Property inspection to ascertain the best solar panels for your needs
  • We work with various government schemes and guidelines
  • Customised and premium solar power products

Let’s join hands to bring a clean and green energy revolution together and strive towards a better tomorrow in Victoria and Australia alike!

Get the best solar panels Australia has to offer from Your Green Planet today and go solar! 

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Your GreenPlanet is one of the leading solar companies dealing in components of the solar power system.

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