Maintain Your Gut Health With The Eight Effective Natural Ways

The gut health experts in Melbourne recommend paying attention to your gut and eating right!

When it comes to matters of the gut, you can never be wrong if you listen to your body. Often due to the stresses of daily life and the challenges it comes with, the gut is one of the first areas to be affected. 

A healthy gut is indicative of a healthy lifestyle. And maintaining good gut health can say a lot about you. 

Here are eight effective ways through which you can make sure your gut health is as good as it gets. 

Eating often

Mind you, this does not mean binge eating. Instead of eating three large meals in the course of the day, eat smaller meals and these should be more frequent. This way you are saving the gastrointestinal tract from becoming overwhelmed as you are not consuming large heavy meals all at once. My Vital Health Solutions – a naturopathy clinic in Melbourne focuses on eating patterns as the major determinant of a good gut. 


The key to good gut health is ensuring the colon moves regularly and there are no blockages in the GI tract. You can do this by simple exercise. 


While antibiotics work against bacteria, probiotics do the opposite. They facilitate the growth and thriving of good bacteria in your gut, which further helps with the digestion of food. The gut health experts in Melbourne recommend these. 

Stress should be eliminated

Stress often tends to mean that the brain sends signals to various body processes halting them so that the extremely important processes can go on. When you stress, the body perceives itself to be in the fight or flight mode and thus other processes like digestion are halted, for the time being, say experts at the naturopathy clinic in Melbourne. 

Are you seeing where the problem lies? 

Stress can act as a major cause of GI issues and can hamper digestion. 

Say no to narcotics and smoking 

The two can have a huge impact on the way the gut functions and there is no solution apart from quitting. Gut health experts in Melbourne have time and again emphasised that while smoking, various signals are sent from the brain to other systems of the body and this alters several pathways. 

Stay away from narcotics and smoking and you will begin to see the changes it has on your gut. 

Fibre is great!

What is the current content of fibre you are consuming? A diet that is rich in fibre is a precursor of a healthy gut. Stimulating healthy bowel movements, helping with digestion and helping you lead a better life, fibre is a great source to have as part of your food.

At the naturopathy clinic in Melbourne, you will be assisted with charting out a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, greens, and everything healthy!

Eat foods light on the GI tract

There are several foods that are healthy but are heavy on the gastrointestinal tract. In order to determine which foods are ‘light’, there is an analysis of the GI index, the saturation, the calorific value, the amount of processing that is done etc. that is checked. 

Should you be showing an adverse reaction to any foods, take a naturopathy food allergy test

Check for what is causing the gut problems

Yes, your gut has problems. But what is causing them?

Often there is a root cause that then causes a cascade of effects and your gut spirals out of control. If you have noticed a pattern, such as your gut erupting when you eat gluten-based foods, go in for gluten intolerance treatment at My Vital Health Solutions. 

This will help your gut heal as the root issue is addressed instead of simply looking at the side effects. 

Choose healthy. My Vital Health Solutions does not believe in any magic solution but rather in a focused approach. There is no overnight cure for health problems but with a modification of diet, lifestyle, and more, you will begin to see the difference.

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