Magic Melon Autoflower: Buying The Potent Seeds Online



Any seasoned marijuana producer will tell you to start with a seed of a decent strain if you ask them how to create a resilient marijuana plant. Starting with a high-quality seed provides producers with the greatest genetics with the biggest potential production conceivable. Lighting, soil, minerals, and water also play significant roles in the ultimate output. The majority of individuals discover their first seed mingled with Magic Melon Autoflower, however, the majority of these seeds are of poor quality and may result in male plants. Buying seeds from a reputed marijuana seed store is the greatest method to ensure that they are of the highest calibre.

Characteristics of a Quality Marijuana Seed

Excellent marijuana seeds differ from inferior seeds in a number of ways. Nevertheless, finding them can be challenging because most producers take every precaution to prevent their plants from producing seeds. Seldom does a rogue seed develop to be mature enough to germinate, even when it is there. Even the most seasoned growers find it difficult to recognise a quality seed, yet it is crucial to be able to do so when utilising seeds to produce marijuana. A list of the qualities of a high-quality seed is provided below.


There are a number of visual clues that might help someone determine the calibre of a marijuana seed. While some elements are obvious, others require closer inspection.


High-quality marijuana seeds are often dark in colour, ranging from shades of brown to black. Across the whole surface of the seed, there should be tiger-like stripes or spots. The seed is immature and unlikely to germinate if it is green or white. In the extremely unlikely event that an immature seed does germinate, it does so significantly more slowly than a mature seed.


A waxy covering surrounds the shell of high-quality marijuana seeds. If the seed is put up to the light, it is simple to observe since the shell will have a small shine.

Size & Shape

The finest seeds to grow are those that are the biggest. If there are numerous to evaluate side by side, it is simpler to choose the bigger ones. Gardeners should seek out the most symmetrical seed, which should be either spherical or slightly teardrop-shaped. Little and asymmetrical seeds are those that have not fully grown.


A marijuana seed’s texture and hardness reveal a wealth of information. Growers can pick up the seeds and feel their shells for the following things after visually evaluating them:


Seeds of lower grades have brittle shells that are readily broken. These seeds will have breaks or fissures that reveal the inside. The finest seeds are smooth on the outside with minimal imperfections.

Hard Shell

A mature, premium cannabis seed has a tough exterior that can survive being pinched between two fingers. When crushed, inferior seeds will crumble. If this occurs, the seed was weak or dead and, even if it had germinated, would not have produced a live plant.

Sometimes seeds are available at the neighbourhood dispensary for people who reside in a state where marijuana is allowed for either medicinal or recreational usage. Yet, there are a lot more types offered by internet seed banks for marijuana. Anyone can buy seeds online even if they reside in a state where marijuana is still illegal to use. It is allowed to purchase Magic Melon Autoflower as long as they don’t germinate, as dormant seeds are viewed as keepsakes in a number of places.

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