LinkedIn Best Practices

With 380 million users and two professionals joining LinkedIn every second, you can estimate this platform’s popularity.

But are you utilizing it to its full potential?

Not sure? Do not worry.

Here are some of the best LinkedIn practices for your success.

Personal Profile Optimization

LinkedIn marketing benefits are plenty. These benefits start showing their impact once you strengthen your personal or business profile on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has a specific algorithm. Make sure that your profile is unique and manages to shine out from the crowd. For instance, adding at least five to six relevant skills in your profile can amplify your profile reach the target audience 30 times faster.


Bear in mind that your profile image should be professional as this makes your profile 15 percent more reachable to an influential business-enriching crowd.

Besides, your personal or business profile must be up to date with your career or business’s most recent changes. This ensures that you market or brand yourself and your business optimally.

Keep commenting, messaging, and connecting more often. This automatically aligns the LinkedIn algorithm towards more engagement.

Be Content Oriented and Fear Not to ELABORATE.

Content is supreme. The words you put out there on your social media platforms like LinkedIn can transform your marketing reach exponentially.

Use the entire limit of 1300 characters LinkedIn allows you. Be informative and crisp. Listicles and how-to blogs work best. A title strength must ideally range between 40-50 characters. Your LinkedIn blog should have at least five subtitles to stand out.

These tips and tricks will ensure your profile or business page reach out more effectively to the target audience.

Connect More Often

Did you know that more than 80 percent of viable business leads are sourced from LinkedIn?

So, don’t shy away from clicking the connect button. It can save your business. You have a whole wide business world waiting for you out there.

This platform enables you to get access to them through the click of a button. Ensure you use that opportunity in the best possible manner.

Connecting more often on LinkedIn is one of the best business marketing strategies.

Get Graphic and Illustrate More

Visuals can convey messages more effectively. Adding images in your LinkedIn post can ensure 98 percent higher post engagement.

It is not just about words. Using too many words can backfire and make the audience lose interest in your content.

Add images, informative graphics and make your posts and blogs more interactive.

Group Associations Are Healthy

LinkedIn Groups can be an excellent opportunity to amass more positive resources if you know how to handle group association. Many folks consider being part of groups to be tacky or messy. That is not true.

When you are a part of LinkedIn groups, make sure you don’t just talk about yourself or your business.

Participate in group discussions actively and answer questions. Have a positive presence in the group.

Posting Schedule Matters

Posting during mainstream working days starting from Tuesday morning to Thursday evening can prove to be highly substantial for your business.

Posting crucial posts or blogs at the wrong time could prove to be a waste of time, effort, and resources. Moreover, certain informative posts should be posted on specific days concerning the post, such as on certain occasions like Women’s Day and Earth Day.

Be creative and link your business marketing with such posts.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of LinkedIn marketing are exponential. In today’s lightning-speed digital age, staying dormant and not using the social media marketing goldmine would be a fool’s play. Turn your profits towards the sky by ensuring optimal LinkedIn marketing through these best practices.

2021 is the year of digital transformation. It is not going to just work from home. This year it is marketing and branding from home too. This is only possible when you know how to utilize social media resources like LinkedIn platforms more effectively. Ensure that these practices are imbibed in your business strategy and adopted effectively for reaping long-term returns.linkedin-marketing2-1 (1).jpg

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