Know How to Buy the Right Display Equipment for Your Shop

If you wish to start a new store, a good shop display equipment is among the key things that you need to buy. There is no shortage of shopfitting suppliers when looking for display furniture for your store but one need to ensure that the vendor you choose must be able to deliver projects in accordance with your brand’s identity. Here are few tips that will help you in your quest to acquire the right shop display equipment:


Practical Features Need to be Top Priority

If your business is selling frozen goods like ice cream, cakes, frozen yoghurt etc., the display equipment of your shop must be able to get the ‘refrigeration’ part right. You cannot afford to have a fancy display that looks amazing but ends up spoiling food. Also, it is important that it is well lit and has a decently sized opening for you to access the products easily. Sealing mechanisms must be able to endure heavy wear & tear in order to maintain high hygiene.

On the other hand, a business that sells items like clothes, watches, jewelries and other accessories must choose from shopfitting suppliers that can provide them a comprehensive range of store furniture that complements the different types of products they are selling. And when it comes to luxury or expensive items, you can not afford to compromise on quality. The locking system needs to be top-notch and the material of glass must be the one that cannot be broken easily.

Next, Focus on Aesthetics & User Experience

Here comes another important aspect of shopfitting- aesthetics. The overall look and feel of your store must be in line with your brand guidelines. If your brand’s primary and secondary colors and say, ‘blue’ and ‘red’, ensure that the shop display equipment you buy oozes the same brand identity.  Same goes for shelving systems, tables, chairs, counters and other store furniture that you plan to use. Do not ignore the color on the walls as it needs to complement your brand’s colors. The look of uniforms that your employees will wear while interacting with customers is also pivotal to your brand’s recall value.

The way your shop looks on the outside is also imperative to attracting buyers to your business. Invest in high quality signage that is easily readable and visible from a distance. The content of the signage should also precisely communicate what your customers can expect from your brand. For example, if you are opening a new outlet to an already popular fast-food chain, just the logo is enough as your target audience already knows what to expect from the brand. However, if the brand is new, then you need to make an extra effort to convey what your business exactly does.

The overall user experience that you will offer to customer is more than how your shop looks. If your business is in a location that is hot on most days of the year, good air conditioning can not be ignored. Your store must not turn into a sweatshop, the moment there are more than 20 people inside. Ensure a comfortable seating experience, clean washrooms, cold drinking water and anything else you feel you can do to elevate the customer experience.

Strike a Balance between Quality and Cost

Every business has a budget when it comes to shop design and it is important to respect that. For example, if you are planning to start a supermarket, you don’t really need a display equipment that is too fancy and expensive. Here, you need to prioritize things build quality, adequate lighting, accessibility and user experience. It is advisable to do comprehensive research on at least five shopfitting suppliers in your area, get the quotes, check out their existing projects and select the one that gives you most bang for your buck.

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