Know How Custom Fitting Solutions can Benefit Your Apparel Store

With the changing dynamics of each industry, it becomes crucial for business owners to keep up with the shifting demands of their audience by incorporating accurate custom fitting solutions. Customers’ fashion choices are shifting with new trends and they preferably pick the apparel that offers the perfect blend of contemporary & traditional styles. This has prompted store owners, retailers, and designers to incorporate these new models into their businesses to gratify their customers.

There are both demographic and psychographic transformations that induce recognizable shifts in custom fitting solutions and product uniqueness in the Indian clothing industry. Since various advances in shopfitting online, this sector has witnessed the way a store looks and appeals to visitors.


For staying on trend and keeping up with the changing demands of your customer you can focus on various aspects that can influence your audience. You can examine traffic patterns, analyze lighting trends, and also investigate the perfect entrance for your store. All these factors together can provide an inspiring shopping experience. Here are some of the custom fitting solutions that can be helpful for laying the perfect plan for a perfect store:

1. Entrance & Transition

The front display of your store must derive the attention of the customers without blocking the view or pathway of the retail store. The entrance is the first impression or glimpse of your store that influences the customer’s decision to visit the store. Therefore, make sure you keep the area clutter-free.

As a shopper enters your store, they must feel free to navigate. You can place a few & best-selling items on display so that shoppers have plenty of space to explore the store. The transition must allow shoppers to smoothly adjust to the difference in lighting as they step inside the store. This is an ideal space to offer some best-selling samples or an alluring retail display with discounted coupons for merchandise located inside the store. You can look up shopfitting online in case you need an expert’s advice.

2. Traffic patterns & aisle space

The traffic patterns of a store depend on the driving orientation of that country. A store located in a right driving orientation must lay out its traffic patterns towards the right side and vice versa. You can utilize this fact strategically in your store layout, map out ideal traffic patterns, and the placement of cash registers, fitting rooms, and other features of a clothing store.

Apart from this, you must ensure that your customers have adequate aisle space to explore and examine various items without bumping into each other. When it comes to a different layout, it is recorded that men prefer stores with straight-line aisles, whereas women favor a more meandering pattern that allows an exquisite comparison between their choices.

3. Lighting & ambiance

The lighting of your store must be a balanced one. Your store should be sufficiently illuminated to prevent shoplifting and not so bright that customers themselves feel at the display. The lighting of your store must add to the overall ambiance and must seem soothing to the customers. There are several shopfitting online websites that you can refer to while figuring out your store layout.

You can get creative and determine the lighting of your store based on the age group you are targeting. In case you are targeting a younger audience, then you can employ lighting similar to a nightclub, along with vibrant walls & colored displays for instilling an energetic vibe.

On the contrary, an upscale clothing store can embrace softer lighting that highlights featured merchandise & use cool wall colors.

4. Product placement & visual merchandising

Several retailers tend to highlight items that perform poorly hoping they’ll be able to sell more of them. This is often a mistake. Instead, you can flaunt your top-selling merchandise and best quality products to inspire & entice shoppers to purchase other products in your store.

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