How to Tackle the Pigeon Problems in London?

London’s ever-growing pigeon population has been part and parcel of the city. But, despite their more annoying counterparts like rodents and insects, they are still considered pests by pigeon control companies. Often described as rats with wings, they are capable of wreaking havoc in urban areas.

Pigeons are far from urban wildlife for tourists fed scraps as a pass-time in the parks. They are becoming a nuisance to London’s population for various reasons. They pose a risk to humans and health, damage the city’s architecture, create unnecessary noise, and build a nest on every surface possible.

Pigeon problems may lead to the city’s loss or even closure of commercial properties. In addition, they heavily impact the quality of life and provoke the population to take measures like reaching out to various Pigeon pest control London.

Pigeon Problem in London

Pigeons are those birds who are barely affected by the building of cities. Before, they used to build their nests on the trees. Now, they have claimed their rights to the modern architecture of the cities.

London is a well-developed city. However, it has a pigeon problem that most citizens are tired of. They can damage the property, steal food, and reduce the quality of life by fouling the walls, floors, and roofs.

They are called the flying rats in London as they inflict almost the same kind of damage as rats. However, these birds are bold and are not scared of people. The open markets of the city and the high-rise buildings have become the ideal place for pigeons to hang out.

Common Diseases Spread By Pigeons

Pigeons are counted as pests as they can destroy properties and pose a huge health risk. They carry several diseases within their bodies that human beings can contract by touching their infected feathers and droppings.

Here are the most common diseases caused by pigeons:

  • Histoplasmosis
  • Cryptococcosis
  • Psittacosis

These diseases are mainly caused by pigeon droppings which are now termed hazardous waste. Therefore, hiring pigeon pest control London is important to prevent any fatal medical condition.

Other Pests Caused by Pigeons

Pigeons can be a common host for other pests. People contact pigeon control companies to eliminate pigeons and other pests that can infest their houses. Pigeon feathers can contain ticks, mites, and fleas that can cause damage to your property and health.

Similarly, pigeon droppings contain fungus and bacteria that can adversely affect your health. Therefore, it is advised to take great precautions while dealing with pigeon fouling.

Even if you clean the mess created by pigeons, make sure you are fully protected. For excessive droppings, contact pigeon control companies to professionally clean the area.

How Do Pigeons Damage Your Property?

Pigeons are nothing less than a nuisance if you deal with them daily. They can damage your property in several ways. Here is how:

Foul Solar Panels

Pigeon droppings can cover the surface of solar panels and decrease their efficiency. If you have solar panels, you need to constantly keep them clean for the panels to absorb enough sunlight.

Blocked Pipelines

If you have open drains and pipes in your house, they can easily fall victim to pigeon nests. However, since pigeons are not easily scared, they can make their nest in comfortable places in your house, including Hoppers which in turn block the pipes and drains

Damaged Walls and Roofs

Pigeons can foul the roofs and ledges of your home. Not only does it look unappealing, but it can also spread several diseases. Furthermore, fouling can be difficult to remove once it has penetrated the surface.

Dirty Balconies and Pathways

Covered balconies and pathways are the ideal places for pigeons to spend time. It can hinder everyday human activities. They can also foul the pathways, making it risky for people to inhale in that area.

Droppings on Cars

Pigeons can damage all your property, and your car is no exception. Pigeon droppings on your car will require you to take your car to wash daily. It can cost you a lot of money and effort that you would rather spend on pigeon control companies.

pigeon control companies

5 Ways to Stop Pigeons Damaging Your Property

You can follow a few tips and tricks to stop pigeons from trashing your property and spreading diseases. From consulting to DIY hacks, you can follow different steps to scare away the pigeons.

Here is how you can do it:

Hide All Food Sources

Make sure the pigeons are not getting any food from your house. Grains and bread crumbs are their favourite diet. Even the fallen bits of bread can attract a flock of pigeons, therefore, it is important to block any food sources for the pigeons.

Install Anti-Roosting Spikes

You can also install anti-roosting spikes on your rooftop and garden to eliminate pigeons from your premises. The less foot space a pigeon will have, the less likely it will be to visit again.

Get an Ultrasonic Pigeon Repeller

Install an ultrasonic pigeon repellent in your house to avoid pigeons. This device will emit a sound at a frequency that will disturb the pigeons and scare them away. It is an easy way for pigeon pest control London.

Place a Motion Sprinkle in Your Garden

If you are tired of pigeons fouling your garden, then install a motion sprinkler. It is an easy way to scare the pigeons away without hurting them.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Service

Hiring a professional pigeon pest control London service is the safest way to get rid of pigeons from your premises. In addition, it is a great investment that will save money on hefty medical bills and home renovations.


While there are several ways to practice pigeon infestations, the most effective method is to seek help from a professional. Pigeon pest control London can use expert techniques to help you get rid of your pigeon problems.

Furthermore, they transmit fleas, mice, and other pests into your house. Therefore, it is essential to combat the situation early on by taking help from pigeon control companies.

In the fight against pigeon control, the practical strategies vary depending on their infestation. However, all the methods mentioned above will keep your home pigeon-free, making your daily life easier.

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