How to Permanently Delete Listing Photos After Selling Your Milwaukee Home

After you sell a home in Milwaukee, you’ll need to make sure the photos you used for the listings are off the web. Whether you sell the traditional way or you sell to cash home buyers in Milwaukee, you should make sure no listing site has your old photos. After all, the buyer you sold to won’t want these photos around either.

Specifically, the buyer may see these photos still being on the web as a security risk. The truth is that many homeowners get upset with the listing services, as these services leave sensitive property-related information on their sites long after home sales are concluded. An online listing may contain the following information:

o Date of the sale

o The price paid for the property

o Home size (number of bedrooms & bathrooms)

o Lot size

o Number of garages (if applicable)

o The home’s location and pictures

Some online listings even have a virtual map or a tour of the property that has room-by-room details. These details can make homeowners feel vulnerable and exposed, and they can even lead to identity theft and burglaries.

So what can a seller do to delete all these details after selling their home? Is it possible to un-list a property and remove the information associated with it? Continue reading to know how you can delete listing details quickly and easily!

How Do I Remove My Listing On Real Estate Websites?

First, there are two factors to consider:

o Who owns the listing information?

o Who has the authority to request the real estate site deactivate the listing and remove the information?

Like most information shared online, your home’s listing will remain until it’s deleted. Some information—like the sale price and taxes paid—is available on local and state government websites. But other information—like property images and videos—are usually taken down six months after closing.

Nowadays, it’s illegal for online real estate websites to hold on to your photos and videos forever. Once a home has been sold, the pictures and videos should no longer be available online. That said, some property details, like the sale price and paid taxes, will remain, as this is important information that must be available to the public.

Usually, photos and videos are taken down shortly after a home sale. But if yours are still on a listing site, you can email or call the listing site and request to remove the photos and videos from the site. If your broker used numerous listings, call them and request that the photos and videos be taken down.

In most cases, photos and videos associated with a listing are deleted six months after the sale. But if you see you’re listing photos and videos on a site you used six months after selling, you should reach out to that listing site and inform them of the situation.

Though this is rare, it could be that the listing site is unable to take down your photos and videos, in which case they’ll remain there till who knows when.

So, if you’re worried about privacy and you don’t like the idea of sharing sensitive property details online, the better option is to sell your house fast in Milwaukee to a trusted cash home buyer. When you sell for cash, no intermediary is involved, so you don’t have to list your home online. All you have to do is share a few basic pictures of your home with the investor and then they’ll make a fair offer.

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