How to Improve Your Bathroom With a Toilet Renovation

The bathroom is probably one of the rooms that require the most attention when it comes to bathroom renovations. This is because it is where you get ready for work every day. It also is a room that many times becomes a battle ground between roommates, lovers or friends. No matter what the occasion you are in, chances are you will have to clean up and redo your tbathren2.pngoilet renovations once in a while. This article is going to touch on a few things you should know before you tackle your toilet renovations. Here are some of them:


Lighting – When you start with your toilet renovations you need to know exactly how much light you will need. Many times people don’t do this and end up with old style fluorescent lighting in the bathroom. New lighting in a new bathroom can be done in several different ways. One of the easiest is with new lighting fixtures that sit flush against the walls. Another option is to go with new lighting that is installed on the ceiling like pendant lights.


Sink – One thing to keep in mind when doing your toilet renovations is how big your sink is. Not only does it have to match the vanity but it also has to fit into the opening of the sink. The last thing you want is installing new countertops to fit a sink that doesn’t fit properly. Also there are several different types of sinks you can go with for your toilet renovations.


Bathroom Meters – Something many people don’t think about until they are in the middle of a full-fledged renovation is how you’re going to handle the plumbing for your new toilet remodel. If you are working with a small amount of space you might want to install a one-gallon toilet fixture. These toilets have a very narrow opening so the water won’t overflow. You can also buy Metron meters with slotted surfaces on each side of the basin, so you can measure your space easier.


Tap Ware and Barrier Taps – Many bathrooms get boring with just plain tap ware. Adding some interesting designs or colors to your tap ware can really add some punch to the room. Barrier taps can also be a great addition to any bathroom. Barrier taps can also come with different types of handles and they usually have the standard black color to them but there are also times when you can find ones that have colors like purple, yellow and gold.


Other Items to Consider – One item that can really help out with a toilet renovation is new lighting. Sometimes just replacing the light fixture in the bathroom can do wonders for your overall design scheme. Also it’s always fun to add some decorative wall sconces on either side of the toilet. Also buying some colorful ceramic pottery to place in the bath can give your toilet renovation an added personal touch. Just by changing a few things here and there you can make your bathroom really special.


When installing new toilets many people often overlook one major element. It’s the toilet bowl! Not just any old bowl will work for your bathroom. You need to find something that will fit your bathroom perfectly and be able to accommodate the amount of waste that you may have. If you have a larger bathroom then you may want to go with a larger toilet bowl that can hold more waste.


There are several other important elements that you need to consider when doing a toilet renovation. You should always have a good idea on the budget you’re going to spend on the project. If you take these simple steps you’ll be able to have a successful toilet renovation. Remember to hire a professional if you have any questions. They’ll be able to make all of the right decisions for your new bathroom.

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