How to develop a successful multilingual mobile app?

               How to develop a successful multilingual mobile app?


Global reach is an important aspect for the majority of businesses if they want to stay competitive by expanding the reach to the next levels. Even though several countries have accepted English as a highly used language, a significant percentage of the population across the globe tends to speak in native languages. Due to this, mobile apps are adapting a multilingual approach for meeting the crowds of a specific location. A well-developed multilingual app, appeals to a global audience and leads to high conversion rates. Several leading app development companies are developing multilingual apps that are helping to develop a long-term association with global customers. If you are looking to develop a multilingual app then you are at the right place.


How to build a successful multilingual mobile app?

Below are key factors that must be taken care of while developing a multilingual mobile app:


Localizing is a mandatory strategy that will take care of all the crucial multilingual aspects like culture, language, dialectic variations of a particular location. Wen planned well in advance; it has excellent ability to meet the requirements of any part of the globe. It is key for app developers to associate with linguistic experts to come up with a clear plan.

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Inspect the code:

Mobile app development companies usually have different teams of app engineers who will be working on different modules of a system. If they are following different standards while coding, then there will be inconsistencies leading to bigger issues in the later stages. To avoid this problem code must be inspected regularly for important aspects starting with the maintenance of the same coding standard, steady treatment of variables, uniform tagging, and many similar aspects. A watchful inspection of the code will allow you to rectify the mistakes before the commencement of the localization process. Hence, it is key to partner with a reliable mobile app development firm that can have a customized plan for every project in maintaining standard coding practice.

Translation process:

The translation is a crucial process that involves not just a word-to-word change but should have a sense of localized flavour. Generally, there are two following types of translation. Machine translation is where there is the usage of software for translating from one language to another. Human translation is where a precise language expert who is well aware of all the nativities of a particular language, does the job. While human translation may give more quality output, it is more time-consuming between the two types.

Take proper user feedback:

Any app will be successful only if it responds well to the user’s problems. You have to show the user that the app is engaging them completely and is focused to respond well to the requirements. This is only possible when you are open to taking the feedback from users and working accordingly. These practices will make you more accurate and stay on top of the market which is highly competitive. This also includes asking permissions to gather data concerning the norms of a particular location.


Employ full locale:

The full locale will have aspects like alternate spelling, language, date formats, country code, and all other trivial changes between the two locations utilizing a collective language. By taking the consideration of even minute variations, it will collectively avoid the alteration of content sense in any given language. The use of multiple and single strings in translation will lead to several daunting problems in diverse aspects.

UI/UX design and format:

Another important step when building a multilingual app is to focus on visual app design. While it is key to attract users from first sight, UI UX elements of the app must be attractive to the respective users. If you neglect at this point, it will cause an unstructured and nasty impression to the users failing all your efforts. Any user will have the first impression of a particular product by looking at the design. Hence, app engineers and designers must collectively work together in having a user-friendly end product. Business owners must be cautious while choosing their app development partners who have to be focusing on developing a visually appealing design that caters to users across the globe. If you are drafting English content in the original format of an app, it is needed to leave extra space where it’s not required. But as other language terms take more space in the space, you have to be creating the design considering the requirements of those specific languages. There are chances that terms in other languages may need higher space than the English terms which emphasizes the importance of the above exercise. A skilful mobile app expert can solve this issue if they can identify the previously employed program language.


Testing is key to negate the chances of disorientation from the translated language in regards to alignments or other design aspects. Users are smart enough to identify the issues making you pay for these mistakes. Testing strategy must include all the aspects covering even the basics of the translation checks. You may also have to consider the QA concerning precise platforms and ensure that your localization is working fine for all of them. Offering less complex localization is key in winning the competitive nature of the current market. Android is generally an open-source feature that allows the QA team to emulate the scenarios and be aware of the consequences. A comprehensive testing plan covering all the aspects must be in place to avoid mistakes in the hands of users.

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Final thoughts:

With the right decisions at all stages of mobile app development, you will push your localization efforts, expanding your reach to global markets at cost-effective figures. Associate with an expert mobile app development Company in Bangalore like Brillmindz Technologies for developing an exciting multilingual app that finds immaculate market success. The team has a group of experts who carefully consider all the requirements and develop an app that appeals to the target customers.


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