How to Choose the Right Built in Fitted Wardrobes?


There is always a need for more space in every home because things accumulate over time. We are not only talking about clothes but also jackets, umbrellas, bags, helmets, shoes, tennis rackets, gym mats, suitcases, Christmas ornaments, bed linen, towels, and so on. The ideal solution is to design a well-organized space with the creation of a built-in wardrobe. It adds value to the home and can also be built in a garage to hold work or gardening tools and equipment. If a space in the house is spacious enough to accommodate a built-in wardrobe, you can optimize the area, keeping it free from clutter.

A good solution for your custom wardrobe can also be a built-in wardrobe, which usually allows you to take advantage of even the most foreign corners of the room and live in it the best way. The built-in wardrobe is a resource for interior designers capable of opening up many possibilities in architectural, stylistic, and functional terms. If the built-in wardrobe generally allows you to save space in environments such as the bedroom, the solutions to obtain it are full of possible variations, among which we have seen the plasterboard walk-in closet to be one of the most effective.

What are the Built in Fitted Wardrobes Doors?

The built in fitted wardrobes doors represent a more traditional way to smoothly insert built-in wardrobes into the walls of environments such as the bedroom. However, the plasterboard wardrobe solution is also convenient, primarily if the built-in cabinet is in a niche already present in the room’s structure, which you can transform into a cabin wardrobe. The solutions, while varying according to materials, colors, and styles, all share the functionality of the built-in cabinets. It allows you to collect clothes and accessories in a single space and obtain additional storage rooms, freeing up space in other areas of the house and contributing to its good organization and order. In addition, the built-in wardrobe is an excellent solution for organizing and keeping the place tidy.

A Built-in Wardrobe is the Best Solution for multifunctional environments. A custom wardrobe can also help furnish your laundry room. Here you can host many things, such as a washing machine, dryer, laundry basket, clothesline, ironing board, baskets, detergents, and various cleaning products. In addition, with higher shelves, you can store blankets and linens for guests to make space in your bedroom closet.

Consider building a built-in closet yourself

Planning and building a built-in wardrobe is not as difficult as it sounds initially. With a competent planning team, an easy-to-understand online configurator, and detailed instructions on building, nothing can go wrong during assembly, even without excellent manual skills. You can do everything yourself, from determining the dimensions to choosing the equipment and material to assemble or building the delivered furniture to measure. If you wish, however, you can get help from a qualified team- through the assembly service or the measurement help for your closet. However, you do not need the manual skills of a professional for assembly.

How to Choose Built in Fitted Wardrobes?

To create built in fitted wardrobes in your dream home, which one and how to choose? Here are some cute ideas for choosing one:

  • modern built-in wardrobe;
  • custom wardrobe;
  • wall cabinet in plasterboard;
  • built-in wardrobe for entrance.

Modern Built-in Wardrobe

You have already thought about getting a custom wardrobe to use as a partition wall, and maybe you have even bought it. Still, your priority today is not to separate unique environments with different souls. What you need is a nice built-in wardrobe. The only way to take advantage of a nice niche you have in your home is to close it with built in fitted wardrobes.

built in wardrobes

Custom Wardrobe

A “made-to-measure” built in fitted wardrobe is the top solution for spaces considered dead in an environment, such as:

  • a distance between a pillar and a corner;
  • the niches present in the lower parts of an attic;
  • a wall of limited size where it can be challenging to make a traditional wardrobe.

custom wardrobe allows you to make it according to your needs and take advantage of every centimeter available in your dream house, especially if you live in a small place such as a studio or two-room apartment.

Wall Cabinet in Plasterboard

A plasterboard wall cabinet is another solution that can do for you, and its main feature is light.

A drywall closet can also give you other advantages since plasterboard has:

  • Good moisture resistance: today, many gypsum sheets are made of materials that resist moisture and are water repellent. It means that there is no risk of stains or deformations;
  • Great aesthetic versatility and high quality: you can create numerous furnishing elements. So, if you have some material left over, you can use it in other ways as well;

A Built Fitted Wardrobes Can also be a Good Idea for Areas of the House Such As:

  1. The bathroom: a valid alternative to place the accessories you have in the bathroom and where to store bathrobes, towels, slippers, and many other things;
  2. In the kitchen: you can create a pantry cabinet to put food products. A good solution especially for furnishing your small corner kitchen;

Wardrobes in the house are never enough. But, unfortunately, in most cases, it is necessary to deal with the space available. In the city, for example, the rooms are tiny, and living in a studio apartment, or in any case in a small apartment, means looking for solutions that allow us to organize ourselves in the best possible way. For this reason, the built in fitted wardrobes can be a brilliant idea to make the most incredible custom wardrobe.

Building a custom built-in wardrobe is possible for everyone nowadays, especially since we have many options to inspect on the internet. When configuring, you determine the built-in wardrobe’s dimensions, equipment, and material. If you get stuck or have a question, the proper service professionals will help you with the planning.

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