How To Arrange The Best Hens Night Ever

Organising a hens party can be overwhelming, but also an opportunity to create one of the most memorable and exciting nights in the bride-to-be’s life. You’ll need a combination of a good location, hens night games, and the right guests to make the night incredibly fun for everyone. However, if you’re new to the idea and don’t know how to get the elements right, here’s a quick guide:

Pick A Date

Ideally, a hen party is arranged 4-5 weeks before the wedding. But if you plan to travel abroad or have a weekend-long destination party, we suggest holding the hens party well in advance. But you must give the guests at least a 2-3 months warning ahead of the hens night, especially if it involves a costume or travelling.

Choose A Venue

Your choice of venue would largely depend on who will make up the majority of the crowd and the bride’s wishes. If the guests enjoy a drink and the bride loves nothing more than chilling with friends and family, we suggest a bar crawl. Or, you could arrange a hens night at a beach house. To buy hens night supplies and decorations online, visit Pecka Products. We have a vast range of products, from hens night games and decorations to even hens night activities. If the budget is open-ended, there’s no limit to venue options.

Choose A Theme

You can choose from dozens of exciting themes to make your hen party memorable. Try the Great Gatsby or Marilyn Monroe theme if classic Hollywood inspires you. The 1970s and 60s are also great for a hens party theme. Ensure the theme suits the venue and the bride-to-be will love it.

Organise Transport

Usually, the one aspect that dampens the hens night spirit is a lack of transport facilities. Waiting for the bus or walking long distances could put people off and waste a lot of time and energy.

Choose A Great Accommodation Option

If you choose to host the party at a friend’s or beach house, accommodation shouldn’t be a problem. But if you are planning a weekend-long stay, you must book hotels ahead of time and make sure everyone knows about the costs.

Be Firm On The Money And RSVP Date

This is very important to ensure the party goes smoothly. Give people plenty of time to send the money and RSVP their presence. And remind them once or twice as well. But if you’ve set the date don’t compromise on it.

Create A WhatsApp Group

This is the easiest way to ensure everyone’s on the same page and that all messages are communicated promptly. But keep the messages to a minimum; if it’s an important message, don’t hesitate to repeat it twice.

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