How Much Should I Pay Someone To Take My Online Classes?

Online classes provide the convenience of getting up late and doing things as you like. But that’s not all. They can be more challenging than a regular campus program if you don’t take things seriously. Nearly 40-80% of online students drop out of the courses due to academic burnout. Some of them manage to call a class help service and ask, “Can you take my online class for me?”, and there is instant help from expert tutors.

If you have been looking to hire an online class taker, you may wonder if it’s expensive or affordable. Let’s take a deep dive into how the companies fix the price for online class help.

The Cost Of Hiring An Online Class Taker

There is no fixed pricing for hiring an online class taker. The cost may vary depending on many factors such as subject, level of education, workload, and many more.

Difficulty Level Of The Subject

The universities in the USA offer numerous online courses in various subjects. You can sign up for any of them and earn a degree. Understandably, not all subjects are equal. Courses in engineering, mathematics, science, or chemistry may have complex concepts that may require more time to master them. Therefore, when you hire class help services for difficult subjects, the prices tend to be higher for easy subjects like philosophy, English, or political science.

Academic Workload

In an online course, you will have a variety of tasks, such as assignments, essays, quizzes, discussion boards, and exams. When you hire a tutor to deliver just one task, the prices may be lower, and more tasks will be costly. Check with the tutoring service if they provide any discounts for ordering multiple assignments.

Level Of Education

The level of expertise required to deal with assignments for Ph.Ds. or Master’s Degree programs will be different than Bachelor’s Degree. Henceforth, the costs too will vary according to the level of education. Hiring a tutor for a higher level of education will be a bit costlier than lower degrees.


Students who obtain top grades like A’s and B’s spend more time preparing for assignments and exams. It requires a higher level of commitment to achieve them. If you want to score top grades like A+, A, A-, B+, B, or B-, without studying, you will need to pay a heavy price as well. If you’re looking for affordable online class help, call us and ask, “Can I pay someone to take my online class?” We’ll get you top grades or get your money back in full.

Last-minute Tasks

Many students tend to forget their assignment submission deadlines and lose their grades. If you ever run into such a situation, hiring an online class take can be a great idea. However, last-minute tasks may carry extra charges, depending on the subject and urgency.

Apart from this, the duration of the courses, number of tasks, and type of work also influence the cost of paying someone to take your online classes.

If you’re looking for quality online class help service in the USA, connect with Online Class Help 911 and earn top grades. Call us and ask, “Can you take my online class for me?” We’ll help you immediately.

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