How is IoT technology helping the agriculture segment

                  How is IoT technology helping the agriculture segment


There have been significant revolutions in the farming segment in recent years. It has become a technology-driven process thanks to advanced agriculture techniques and gadgets. Farmers can have a transparent idea about the complete process in growing crops, raising livestock, predicting weather conditions, and whatnot. How could you just depend on traditional methods of farming when you have better methods for enhancing your operational efficiency? On the same lines, smart technology called IoT has been revolutionizing the agriculture industry with unimaginable abilities. Continue reading below to know more about the magic it has created.


IoT in agriculture:

The abilities of advanced technology called the Internet of Things (IoT) have let connected devices enter and assist in several routine tasks of our life, from home automation, health and fitness, automotive and logistics, smart cities, agriculture, and much more. Traditionally there were many technological inventions like sensors that did not have the option of providing live data to the users. It followed a process of storing the data in the linked memory and using them for various analyses. But the entry of IoT has given the agriculture segment a valuable boon of modern technology. The cutting-edge sensors are connected to the cloud through a cellular/satellite network. It is highly helpful in taking crucial decisions by getting access to live data which was only imagined to be an impossibility in the earlier days. The introduction of IoT has given high-value benefits to modern farmers and is termed like an advanced step in the Green Revolution. They can carry out all their planned tasks effectively but in less time to enhance the yields of crops with the aid of exact information gathered via IoT technology.

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Use of IoT technology in transforming agriculture segment:

Precision Control:

There are extensive types of labour and other activities to be accomplished at every level to be completed only with a single person. Hence, in the case of any unavoidable situations where a worker is unable to attend the activity, all the work is at risk of coming to a halt. As mentioned above, IoT provides real-time data updates which would otherwise need much effort. Further, key persons involved in management positions will have superior controlling capabilities instead of waiting for data analyses as performed traditionally. Technologies like Drones are a separate segment in the benefits that can aid in several tasks like treating a precise region, tracking crops, and many more. Moreover, GPS-guided gadgets and the power of cellular connections give the edge of remote real-time access to the important information required for decision making.

Managing Livestock:

IoT has allowed farmers to monitor the health of livestock in a better way and avoid the untimely death of their animals. There are several IoT-based wearable gadgets like fit-bits, health bands. Etc that are designed to track the health factors like BP, heart rate, etc and inform about any variations. This information is helpful for farmers to check the illness of the animal.

Smart Greenhouses:

Greenhouses are modern technological inventions that take care of the environmental aspects via controlled machinery and are intended to enhance crop yields. It can be effective when there is no manual intervention which can cause increased labor charges or decreased final yield. Smart greenhouses created with IoT have solved the problem significantly. They will track and manage the temperature without the need for any manual activities. There are multiple types of IoT sensors that will match the need of placed plants and adjust accordingly. The use of cloud technology by linking it via cellular connections does the job effectively. The cloud server controls all the information, processes it, and gives a decisive action in the setting of a greenhouse to give an appositive outcome. Such a benefit will avoid any requirement for manual care.

Pest Management: 

Any kind of farm will face the challenge of controlling pests which needs impactful actions in controlling the negative impact on the yield. IoT sensors come to the rescue by helping the farmers to address the issues with accuracy. Again, real-time access to data will help in avoiding any kind of situation if farmers cleverly make use of this technology. Moreover, when this is combined with smart weather predictions, farmers can make smart decisions in controlling the pests.

Weather Prediction:

Various types of crops need diverse climate conditions to give a good yield. Hence, climate plays a crucial role in deciding the final output, and having improper knowledge can hurt both the quantity and quality of the crops. IOT can help in monitoring the crop and provide immense value to the overall crop production. The sensor devices kept at crucial places will help in providing real-time information on the weather conditions. It includes several factors like rain, humidity, temperature, etc which can be assessed closely with the accumulated data.

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Smart Drones:

You may wonder about the abilities of drones in monitoring the farm in recent years. These UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), help in effectively accumulating the real-time data and aid in recognizing the issues to improve the overall yield in a precise region. Along with monitoring tasks, it can aid in a wide range of other activities that earlier required manual labour. This includes fighting pests, planting crops, controlling diseases, spraying, monitoring, etc.


Final thoughts:

Agriculture is a crucial segment for all regions across the world as it has to fulfill the needs of the growing population. With the increase in demand for food and changing climate conditions, the agriculture segment is always in need of beneficial technologies like IoT. Consequently, IoT has been helping the agriculture industry with multiple aspects like reducing overall cost, minimizing waste, improving productivity, final output, and many others. If you are a business owner looking to be innovative in IoT technology, associate with a leading mobile app development company in Bangalore like Brillmindz technologies. They have a team of expert engineers, skilled in building profitable digital products that lead the market in the specific industry.


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