How Can Footwear Affect Your Health?

Let’s explore in detail how footwear can affect your health.

Drawbacks of Ill-Fitting Footwear

Shoes that are too tight can put pressure on your toes, pushing the skin into the nail plate. Shoes that are too loose can allow your feet to slip, putting excessive strain on specific parts of your feet. It can also cause harm if your shoe falls off when you are doing something like walking down the stairs.

If you’re wearing improper footwear for an extended period, it can cause lower back pain. High heels are not meant to be worn for too long or frequently. It can damage your joints and knees if worn all day long. Experts warn that even vocal cord and breathing can be affected by your choice of footwear.

Benefits of Wearing Proper Footwear

Choosing the proper footwear can help you avoid corns, ingrown toenails, fungal nail infections, and athlete’s foot. Walking barefoot in poorly sanitized areas can cause foot infections, but wearing shoes protects you from infections, foot diseases, and injuries.

How to Choose the Right Footwear

You can avoid all these problems if you’re careful while purchasing new shoes. The following are guidelines that can help you choose the right footwear:

– Make sure there is enough space in the front for your toes to wiggle freely. Tight shoes can cause compression, numbness, and lesions.

– Breathable shoes like Mexican huaraches will allow more air to circulate around your feet. Huaraches are handwoven and can last for more than thirty years.

– The upper portion of the shoes must be made of natural materials like genuine leather. High-quality huaraches sandals are made of leather, which will give your feet more flexibility.

– A cushioned outsole will give you great comfort. Also, it reduces the shock of impact while you land on your heel.

– It’s also essential to choose the correct footwear for different situations. For example, select shoes that are more breathable for long-distance walking and comfortable ones for workplaces.

Picking the correct footwear can enhance your well-being and affect your health positively. It can keep you moving and comfortable.

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