How Bulk SMS Service is Beneficial for your Business.

Bulk SMS service is a method of sending text messages to multiple clients at the same time through any app, APIs, or as a normal text message on their mobile phones.

According to Heardable(amp score): “SMS produces 6-8 times more engagement than emails. Also, that it has a click-through rate of 19%, compared to 4.2% for email.”

So, sending an SMS is more reachable to people because it can be sent to more than one recipient directly and does not require any internet connection like emails.

For instance, Ford once used this text messaging strategy by sending a follow-up text to ford customers to check out 2 of their new models and ended up with an increase in a conversion rate of 15.4%.

A good bulk SMS service provider will assist you in creating and sending text messages to the whole recipient list within just a few seconds, allowing you to quickly react to events like promotions and new schemes.

Also, for bulk SMS marketing you need a good bulk SMS gateway as well.

Bulk SMS gateway is the most efficient interface used for the purpose of sending bulk SMS without any involvement of a mobile phone.

It directly sends text messages to more than one recipient in the form of SMS. So, it’s essential to choose the right bulk SMS gateway for your business with the help of a bulk SMS service provider.

Let’s discuss how you can utilize a bulk SMS gateway in your business?

Here are some of the reasons how a bulk SMS service provider helps you in utilizing bulk SMS gateway for better usage:

  1. You can send regular reminders to your customers to keep in touch with the services or products your company provided them through the bulk SMS gateway efficiently.
  2. It helps in increasing sales by sending SMS for marketing your new products and services to clients directly on their mobile phones.
  3. It helps in keeping your customers up to date about your services.
  4. You can send alerts to your customers if there is some problem on your side to avoid any inconvenience through short text messages especially without any internet.
  5. Additionally, bulk SMS gateway can be also used for sending logos, ringtones, and for setting details with the clients as well.How Bulk SMS Service is Beneficial for your Business...jpg

Now, let’s explore some of the benefits of hiring a bulk SMS service provider for your business.

  1. Quick delivery

When a text message is sent in the form of an SMS, it takes only 7 seconds to reach the recipient directly where other email or mails takes several days sometimes.

SMS is an ultra-fast service so with the help of a bulk SMS service provider you can send thousands of messages quickly to more than one recipient on their mobile and you just need their correct phone numbers.

  1. Highly likely readable

According to research, the readability of SMS is very high i.e., 98% as compared to an email with only 20%. Recipients sometimes choose to delete the emails without even opening them.

So, a message sent through a bulk SMS service provider will be opened by the users. It is said that people tend to read text messages regularly.

  1. Custom based campaigns

A bulk SMS service provider can make your tasks easy by sending customized text messages to the target clients for the whole database, different groups, and even a single individual.

You can ask them to create different templates for different categories of people. Also, customers always respond to appealing messages than the irrelevant ones.

  1. Fast conversion rates

When an SMS is sent through a bulk SMS service provider, its response rate is 45% as compared to just around 6% for emails.

So, people are highly likely more interested in replying through texts than emails as it’s very convenient for everyone. It takes only 90 seconds for them to respond to a text as compared to 90 minutes for an email.

SMS marketing done using a good bulk SMS gateway has a higher rate of response than any other strategy used for marketing.

  1. Reliable delivery

Marketing through bulk SMS service provider is much more reliable than email marketing, as we all know sometimes emails may not reach the recipient and can end up in a spam folder where users normally don’t open.

There are no such barriers in sending text messages as SMS.

  1. Easy to read

There is a limit to the length of each SMS (even if it’s in bulk!) sent through a bulk SMS gateway is of only 160 characters. This forces marketers to write as much as precise and short text messages as possible.

On the other hand, for example, emails are very long and lengthy. People always prefer to read brief messages than long ones.

You can take the help of a bulk SMS service provider to write these short and descriptive promotional SMS for you to be sent to the customers directly.

  1. Economical

Bulk SMS service is more cost-effective than any other marketing strategies like television, radio, or print.

Sending text messages costs very little and provides you a better return on investment (ROI).

It’s also very easy and convenient for the users to opt-in or out of your SMS services in just one click. It saves your time and money both from being wasted on uninterested clients while protecting them from unwanted marketing messages.

To conclude, SMS marketing is a handful for your business when you assist with a bulk SMS service provider in many ways, as people nowadays are using smartphones or mobiles more than anything else in the whole world.

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