House Pest Control: The Dangers of Treating a Wasp Nest Yourself

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Just type whatever you want on a search engine and thousands of articles and sites are at your disposal. Even if you want to undertake a task like treating a wasp nest yourself, you will get plenty of articles telling you how to do it yourself. What these articles won’t tell you are the dangers involved in doing this instead of enlisting the help of professionals like wasp services pest control in London. Doing a house pest control by yourself can get very dangerous quickly

There are certain dangers associated with undertaking DIY (do it yourself) wasp control, especially treating a wasp nest yourself. Wasps can be very aggressive once disturbed. Trying to do wasp services yourself is like going to World War 2 without ammunition. Wasp services in London have the right equipment and expertise needed in performing wasp exterminator services which are not available to the public. A lack of these will pose a significant threat to the health and safety of the public. Here are some of the dangers associated with treating a wasp nest yourself.

Falling from a height

Wasps sometimes build their nest in places that are not easily accessible to humans, though it is to them. You can find their nests hanging on your ceilings or rooftops, cracks in walls, sheds, garages, and even tunnels underground. If you have a can of pesticide lying around and decide to treat the nest yourself and maybe, remove the wasp nest, you might first want to consider where the nest is located.

A wasp nest located high up a ceiling, attic or the topmost part of a tree should be considered off-limit. Reaching those places will require you to use a ladder. As a rule of thumb, any wasp nest treatment that will necessitate you using a ladder should not be contemplated. If while trying to remove the wasp’s nest you end up triggering them, you will find yourself facing the wrath of some very angry wasps.

What will follow is you trying to get to a safe distance while trying to balance yourself on the ladder. There is a high chance you will fall off from the height. So, why undertake this risk in trying to do your own wasp services yourself when you can call on any wasp exterminator control in London near you to do the job?

Possible death from the fall

One would think the worst is falling off from a height and getting a fracture or two. Yes, some will end up with broken bones and that is all. Others that are not so lucky might end up dead. Trying to do the work a professional wasp exterminator from commercial pest control in London is supposed to do by yourself can end up being fatal. It can end up in your death since no one can guarantee your chances of survival from falling from a great height.

The good news, this is avoidable. Never forget that it is not an option to climb a ladder to remove a wasp nest. If it’s unavoidable to do wasp services yourself, try to use a spray instead and make sure you stay at a distance while applying it. Calling a wasp exterminator in London has its advantages. The wasp exterminator comes with the necessary equipment such as the extension hose, and carbon fibre poles. They don’t have to climb a ladder to treat the nest. Even if they have to, they have some personal protective equipment they can wear.

Getting stung multiple times

It is no fun getting stung by a wasp. Now imagine getting stung by many angry wasps. In a bid to protect their precious home, wasps take to stinging the hell out of anyone that tries to destroy their nest. Without protective coverings like gloves, overalls, helmets, and face masks, your skin will be all swollen and red from their sting in no time.

You can be stung by a wasp, treat it and be okay in a few days. Multiple stings from wasps can be fatal and can lead to death. An individual allergic to wasp sting should not try to do a house pest control as the wasp venom can cause an anaphylactic shock leading to death within minutes.

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Risk of a fire accident

The material used by wasps in making their nest makes it very easy for them to catch fire. The wasps chew up pieces of wood and then mix them with their saliva to form a papier mache. The end product of this is a highly flammable wasp nest. While some DIY wasp nest treatment articles will tell you that setting the nest on fire is a sure method of destroying it, the method is also very dangerous and not recommended by a Wasp exterminator

The moment you set fire to the wasp’s nest, all hell will break loose. The wasps will struggle to find a way out of the nest to avoid getting caught in the fire, and they will come straight at anyone they sense around. Another dangerous situation is if the wasp nest is attached to your house. Fire spreads quickly. If we add a highly flammable material to it, then it will spread more quickly. Suffice it to say, the risk of a fire accident is high if you decide to set fire to the nest yourself.

When to Call wasp exterminator services in London

So you have noticed some wasps activities around your house, or you stumbled on a wasp’s nest in a rather painful manner. If the nest is not near your house, you might want to wait it out. Most wasps die off during the cold season with only the queen surviving. If this is not troubling to you, leaving the wasp’s nest alone might be an option. So, when do you need to make a call-out to near you to contract wasp services?

1. When the wasp’s nest is attached to your house.

2. When the nest is located in hard-to-reach places.

3. You or someone around are allergic to a wasp’s sting.

4. Doing it yourself will cause more harm than good.


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