General Things About Meals for Mutts and Cat Litter Crystals

meals for mutts

Cats and dogs are the most common pet taken care of in almost every household around the world. While some are domesticated but still live outdoor others benefit from living their life rent-free on your couch. Even though they are animals you care for them as if caring for one of your family members. You want to provide them with the best life you can afford. For that to happen a little research is required to find out the best available choices you can make regarding their food and other needs. In this article, you will find more information on why Meals for Mutts is one of the best choices for dog food and why cat litter crystals are the best cat litters used all over the world.

Meals for Mutts Dog Food

Meals for Mutts is an Australian brand that manufactures high-quality, hypoallergenic, gluten-free food for dogs. Many dog breeds are prone to developing food allergies due to having a sensitive digestive system in their nature and this is why everyone should be careful what they feed their dogs. A balanced hypoallergenic formula can help prevent many digestive issues but also skin conditions such as dermatitis that is usually caused by food. The formula this brand has offered on the market consists of rich nutrients and a high protein content that is easily digestible. Proteins and enzymes are important for the proper development of the canine body. In order for the body to fully develop in a perfect health state, it requires a balanced nutritious diet.

Meals for Mutts focuses on mainly using an ingredient called alfalfa or more commonly known worldwide as lucerne. Lucerne is a super ingredient in the holistic medicine catalog having many beneficial effects on one’s organism. It contains a variety of vitamins such as A, C, E, and K but also it is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, and potassium. Being such a nutritious vegetable it has many positive effects on the immune system, it helps lowering high cholesterol levels and also fights infections easier.

Specialized Team Designing Formula

To climb up the ladder of most health-beneficial food products on the market, MFM has hired a food science team to come up with the formula. Food science uses scientific principles to create a balanced and nourishing food supply. Food scientists are represented by a group of individuals highly educated and trained to use the best ingredients in creating the best food formula. Their goal is to create a nutritious meal while respecting some manufacturing rules. They are educated in chemistry and biology but also in specialized statistics.

Before sending a product on the market this product has to pass a lot of tests and investigation. Meals for Mutts takes great pride in the quality of its products and the way they are made. Only after the food science team makes sure the product passes all the requirements they offer the product to be sold in mass either in online stores or distributed to local stores all over the world.

Cat Litter Crystals

While worrying about the quality of the food you give to your pet, for indoor cats another important worry you have to take care of is their litter box. Maintaining a clean and healthy environment for the cats’ needs is as important as providing them with high-quality food products. Considering cats are normally very tidy animals that like to keep themselves clean, a dirty litter box could mess up their mood.

Besides this psychological damage, there is a list of diseases transmitted to both your cat and you from a dirty litter box. Cat litter crystals are one of the most popular brands around the world. They are designed to be highly absorbent to lock the moisture away and not provide the place with the powerful smell of kitty needs. This brand focuses on quality. The materials used in manufacturing their products are low tracking, which means less visible paw prints around your place. If you are keen on keeping your place clean, sweeping after your cat every time it uses its needs tray is an exhausting and annoying task to fulfill on a daily basis.

This is why Cat Litter Crystals have worked hard on developing this litter formula that does not stick to your cats’ paws and does not leave visible marks on your floors. This formula is very long-lasting, it can go up to a month without needing a full change. Made from odorless natural silica makes it is perfectly safe for your cat to do its needs. It does not eliminate any harmful chemicals in your environment.

cat litter crystals

Where to Buy and How Much It Costs

Through a simple and quick search online you can find cat litter crystals being distributed by many suppliers. In order to get the best deal, it is recommended to order from companies that sell their products at wholesale prices. They also provide some other different items for your cats’ litter box. Here is a list of prices for different quantities and on various offers:

  • Crystal Pure Cat Crystals 4kg bag- on sale for 16 dollars
  • 4 boxes of Crystal Pure Cat Crystals of 4kg each – on sale for 54 dollars
  • Crystal Pure Cat Crystals bag 7.5kg – on sale 12% off 23 dollars
  • 2 boxes of Crystal Pure Cat Crystals 7.5 kg- on sale for 44 dollars
  • Large Crystal Pure Anti Track Litter Mat – 24 dollars
  • Scoop Free Litter Tray 1 pack refill – 29 dollars
  • Litter Liners Large 15 pack- 8 dollars

In case you want to buy these products in bulk try contacting the supplier directly and ask them if they can offer you a better deal for larger quantities. Depending on the quantity you want to order sometimes the suppliers can offer bigger discounts applied on the final sum of your order.


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