Finding the Right Cat Beds for Your Felines

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Cats are territorial, and although they like to feel your presence and sleep in your bed, the rest of the time, they want to have a place of their own. Whenever you bring a cat home, besides food, and a litter box, it is essential to look into cat beds. You can find some of the most comfortable and stylish items at pet shops. In fact, you will likely find one that fits within your home and the style you have.

Another essential item that you must purchase is a cat scratching post. This is crucial to protect your furniture. Cats scratch, and that is a fact. You cannot cut this behavior from their life; it is not advised. The good news is that you can redirect it in the right place, towards the scratching post. Many materials are available, including cardboard, carpet, and sisal. These are some of the most popular choices, and when it comes to design, you will find horizontal and vertical posts, some including a bed for your feline to rest.

The Importance of Suitable Cat Beds

Cats sleep around 16 hours daily; once they get older, they sleep even more. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure a proper snoozing space. Cat beds are so versatile and diverse. They start simple, from a simple box to elaborate towers and covered spaces. Owners are overwhelmed with the choices available on the market, especially since cats are picky, and you never know if they like something you purchase. To take extra precautionary measures and invest in a well-suited bed, it helps to know some key factors.

One of the most important aspects is comfort. Soft and cushioned spaces are highly preferable. You can always add some blankets if the cat bed is not comfy enough. Your feline might be reticent at first because it doesn’t recognize the smell and is relatively new. To make it more inviting, place inside some toys or maybe the blanket they usually sleep on. The bed matters a lot where you position, and it should be in a place that offers your companion privacy and is not close to high-traffic areas.

Warm places are always attractive to felines, and you can place the cat beds in direct sunlight or near a radiator. A radiator hammock bed is always a good idea, especially during colder months when your cat likes to sleep in warm places. Igloo beds offer privacy, and cats want to have spaces where they can go when they feel stressed. They want to hide, so having more hiding places inside the house is recommended.

The Cat Scratching Post – A Key Element for Felines

Cats are born to scratch; you cannot do anything about this. Therefore, the behavior should not be punished by any means but encouraged healthily. This brings us to the cat scratching post. The product is crucial for all cat owners, and it is the best way to keep your feline interested in something else rather than the couch. Scratching is therapeutic and healthy, and it helps shed layers from the claws, clean them, and release their scent.

They also stretch when they use the post, which is highly beneficial for their muscles. When they stand on their hind legs and claw the post, they get some exercise and release energy. Cats have anxiety and feel stressed, just like humans. When they feel frustrated, happy, anxious, or excited, they show their emotions by scratching. You might notice this when you come home from work, and your companion goes straight to the piece of furniture they like to scratch.


When you look on the market for a cat scratching post, you will find many models and materials to choose from. For example, you will see vertical and horizontal posts, tall and short, with toys added to them, and bedding designed from sisal, cardboard, rope, and more. Cats prefer cardboard surfaces because they can really get claws in them. Therefore, they are ideal as beginner scratching posts.

On the other hand, if you want a durable surface and a cat scratching post that lasts, sisal is highly recommended. Cats love the material; you can find excellent posts on the market. They are designed to meet your companion’s needs, regardless of size and age. Complex towers also exist, where you can find toys, ropes, beds, and several posts. These are ideal if you have enough space in your home and several cats. They act as bonding spaces; your furry friends will use them to play around and rest.

cat scratching post


Regardless of the cat scratching post you want to purchase, keep in mind that it must be sturdy. When your feline uses it, especially if they climb and sit on the post, it should not wobble. Otherwise, your kitty will stay away from it, and you will have a new piece of furniture in the house. You might think that a tall post is preferable to ensure enough space, but it is more than suitable if your cat sits on the back legs and almost reaches the top.

If you have carpets at home and you don’t like your cat scratching them, it is not a good idea to buy a scratching post covered in carpet. This confuses cats because they don’t understand why they can use one material and not the other. Instead, choose another material if you want to redirect your cat’s attention from something. Also, don’t forget that you can always use catnip to make the post more attractive.

Buying Cat Beds from Pet Shops

One place where you will always find everything for your companion is a pet shop. It has all supplies, including a great variety of cat beds. You can take the time to look online and browse through models, read reviews, get to know the materials and sturdiness, and eventually choose the best one. Different beds can be placed in other rooms and spaces so your kitty has somewhere to nap and rest. In addition, you can find beds positioned on the windows, perfect for bird watching.

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