Elevate Your Mood With A Massage And Let Happy Days Begin!

Feeling under the weather? A deep tissue massage in Auckland is what you need

It is understandable if you’ve been feeling under the weather lately. With everything that is on around the world, it’s tough to have a happy mood or even a positive one. 

Fun fact: Did you know that a massage is an instant mood elevator? 

Well, now you do. This article aims to make you aware of the many benefits of a massage and how it can act as an instant mood lifter.

A relaxation massage in Auckland and the relief it brings! 

While noting down what a massage can do for you, it is important to know that a massage facilitates stress relief. A good massage therapist is what you need, and then the therapy does seem wonderful. 

Why is a massage recommended? 

When you are stressed, the body has been put into overdrive. It is necessary for the tissues to be able to breathe, and oxygen to reach the core areas, adhesion to be broken up and so much more. 

This is exactly what a massage does. 

  • A deep tissue massage in Auckland brings down the level of stress hormones in the system 
  • Promotes the release of serotonin, which acts as a mood lifter
  • A foot massage in Auckland is the key to addressing the core pains that you experience 
  • Enhances immune response and helps the body in the fight against infections 
  • Sports massage in Botany provides flexibility to the joints of athletes

A relaxation massage in Auckland is great according to research

Science too believes in massages being the key to great well-being. The body has always been compared to a machine and like every machine, the body when oiled and its joints well cared for will yield exceptional results. 

To answer the question of how often you should get a massage, the ideal answer would be every day. A 15-minute massage on a daily basis can work wonders. But if not, at least once a week is when you should let your body rest and be cared for. 

Why is a foot massage in Auckland said to give relief? 

Chinese reflexology believes that there are points interspaced on the feet which when massaged, have a relieving effect on the core tissues and organs. 

These acupressure points when triggered in the right way during a foot massage in Auckland, and with just the right amount of pressure, end up working well to lift your mood and also have deeper effects on the body. 

The big toe is the reflex point that is associated with the brain. The energy of the body, or the qi, tends to become concentrated in the head when you are stressed. 

Massaging the big toe, and applying the right amount of pressure (never too much), is what helps the pressure in the brain ease out, thus relieving your headaches and insomnia. 

Why should you choose HealthCure for your relaxation massage in Auckland? 

Whether you need a deep tissue massage in Auckland or a head massage, everything at affordable rates and packages is available here at HealthCure Massage.

Your relaxation is put first. When it comes to a massage, you do not want a shady therapist or a centre where your privacy is not respected in the least. You want instead, to have an ambience suited for the massage vibe. 

You’ll find this at HealthCure.

Does a massage have any side effects? 

No. A massage if done the right and professional way does not have any side effects. If you do have complications or cannot bear even a slight amount of pressure, you can let our therapists know prior to the massage. 

If you do have any allergies and your body won’t agree to the oils used, you can let us know.

Whether it’s a pregnancy massage in Auckland or a sports massage in Botany, relief after a massage follows. Experienced physiotherapists make the pain better. 

This weekend, why not treat yourself to a massage? 

Head on to the HealthCure Massage and well, you’ll see for yourself!

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