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Building a house, renovating one, and extending one is always exciting and brings new opportunities. Everyone is excited at this stage, makes plans, has new ideas, and wants to obtain the best results, a home to be proud of and always feel comfortable inside. However, it is not always possible without the help of a house and granny flat builder in Sydney. It is mandatory to have a team of specialists at your disposal to come up with a building plan and know how to execute it.


This is a challenge many homeowners face, and they don’t know who to trust and how to have faith in someone with such an important project. Luckily, there are teams of experts, businesses with many years of experience, positive reviews, and many excellent plans to showcase. One example is BrickWood homes. The company has achieved some spectacular constructions and assisted clients in achieving their plans. Being present online, you can view some of their plans and know what to expect once you get in touch.

What to Expect from a House and Granny Flat Builder in Sydney

Most homeowners reach a point when they desire more space. This is especially true for those living in urban neighbourhoods. Not everyone has the necessary resources to invest in real estate and move into bigger houses. Luckily, there is an option to expand the living space without needing to move or make additional changes to your current household. Granny flats are always a good idea and perfect if you have extra space on your land. With the help of an experienced house and granny flat builder in Sydney, there are no limitations.


A granny flat is not a concept well known by everyone. Some people have never heard of it and want to know what it is. Simply put, it is a self-contained living space that is either attached to the main house or built separately. It is an excellent solution for those who have elderly family members and want to keep them close while giving them some independence. Even growing kids require their space, and if they don’t have their own rooms or want separate entrances, perhaps a granny flat suits their needs better.


Not all builders are experienced in this domain, and if you discuss with several, they might need more information on how to come up with a plan. Ideally, you should hire someone that knows how to build these dwellings, what authorisations are required, the amount of land needed, what questions to ask, and how to present plans. It is the perfect time to achieve the desired result and even use the construction for future investments.

Always Hire Registered Builders

When you hire builders of any kind for any plan, ensure they are registered and licensed. Requirements for builders differ in Sydney and from one territory to another. Therefore, it is crucial to check with the firm if it has qualifications, permits, and insurance. They should be able to provide trusted services within your location, and if something happens along the way or once the project is over, you are entitled to insurance.


At least, this is the case at BrickWood Homes. You deal only with highly specialised professionals that know what they are capable of, recommend projects and plans, listen to your needs, and respect the budget. Before beginning any construction, obtaining the necessary permits is essential. This is one of the most daunting tasks since many homeowners don’t know where to start looking and what paperwork they require.

Permit requirements

The builders at BrickWood Homes help in this area and make sure the local council approves the plans. This takes a big burden from your shoulders and speeds up the process, so you can benefit from the construction without many delays. Aside from permits, the builders must guarantee their work. In the long run, even a simple defect can extend and progress into something more complex and expensive.

The house and granny flat builder must offer a few years of guarantee after construction. There are different types of guarantees, depending on firm to firm, and for the structural part, there should be an extended one. Don’t forget to ask about this topic because it influences your decision and provides more peace of mind. Especially providers with years of experience in the field know what matters to clients.

Complete services and support

Building a granny flat is an important project that must be taken seriously. The house and granny flat builder should manage the entire process, from designing the plan to building everything. Of course, additional contractors might be required, such as plumbers and electricians. If the team is complete and the same company offers these services, then even better.


Granny flats must have all utilities, including a kitchen and bathroom. The person living there needs to have everything within reach and all necessities to live independently. This means they require plumbing, electricity, water, internet cable, and more. BrickWood Homes make sure this happens, and once the person moves into the granny flat, they feel like moving into a new house filled with new possibilities.

Ask Builders for Quotes

Whenever you want to hire specialists, it is recommended to ask for quotes from several ones. This is an excellent way to compare services and rates and understand how much you should expect to pay for the entire project. If you don’t know what a granny flat implies and what budget you need, feel free to discuss all details with builders from Sydney.


Make sure they provide complete quotes, and when you compare several from providers, always compare the services as well. Some leave out essential parts to seem more affordable, but the result is the opposite when you add everything up. If possible, go through their plans and previous projects and have a better understanding of their capabilities and what you can expect from the collaboration. If you like what you see, you can discuss the plans and give your input so the flat meets your expectations.

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